What do analyst reports say about TimeXtender?

Analyst reports

What do industry leaders and specialists say about Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender?

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Enterprise Management Associates: Data Automation in Action

By John Santaferraro

Based on EMA research, “Modernization and the Operation of Hybrid Data Ecosystems”  this whitepaper identifies thought leadership trends and best practices for the move to data automation.
September 2019

Eckerson Group Deep Dive: Data Warehouse Automation

By Stephen Swoyer

This paper describes the state of art in data warehouse automation (DWA) and reviews Discovery Hub’s DWA capabilities.
April 2019

Data Discovery—Right on Time
How Automation Underpins Data Discovery

By Barry Devlin

This paper proposes three occasions during the roll-out of BI when it is appropriate to adopt a Discovery Hub.
August 2017

Data Preparation – Refining Raw Data into Value

By BARC, Robert Tischler and Timm Grosser

This study clearly demonstrates the benefits, timeliness and relevance of data preparation for analytics. It shows how and by whom data preparation is being driven and how the balancing act between governance and flexibility can be achieved by specifying the requirements for data preparation governance. In this BARC study, we also show how data preparation is used today, which challenges need to be overcome, and in which organizational framework this takes place.
June 2017

TimeXtender Extends Beyond Data Warehouse Automation with Discovery Hub®

By Matt Aslett

Best known as a data warehouse automation provider, TimeXtender has expanded its role with Discovery Hub, providing data governance as an enabler for self-service analytics.
March 2017

Enabling Self-Service BI Success: Discovery Hub® by TimeXtender Bridges the Gap Between Business and IT

By Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

One key component of a data-driven organization is the implementation of self-service analytics environments that enable business analysts and decision makers to explore and analyze data much faster. TimeXtender automation enables self-service analytics delivery.
May 2017

A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics

By Wayne Eckerson with Barry Devlin

The reports features a number of great quotes about the challenges between business and IT and about why self-service analytics is not enough. 

“… self-service analytics is not easy to achieve.  Many companies that have deployed self-service analytics have become inundated by a tsunami of conflicting reports, spreadmarts, renegade reporting systems, and other data silos.”

“In the resulting data chaos, executives can’t get straight answers to simple questions such as “How many customer do we have?”
September 2016

Governed Data Discovery

By Wayne Eckerson

“A governed data discovery tool balances freedom and control.”
February 2016

Data Discovery Automation

By Dr. Barry Devlin, 9sight Consulting

“What is needed is not a version of the truth, but a single source of truth.”
April 2016

Data Warehouse Automation Tools

By Wayne Eckerson

“Data Warehouse Automation: the secret weapon in a market of hand-coded data warehouse solutions.”
September 2015

The Modern Data Warehouse: Agile, Automated, Adaptive

By TimeXtender, IBM, Cloudera, WhereScape

“This research report is intended to help the reader better understand the concepts of data warehouse automation and show how improved data warehouse performance that increases organizational agility can add value to the organization.”
September 2016

Data Warehouse Automation: Accelerating Business Results


“Businesses employing DWA can make decisions rapidly and easily
add and modify new data sources, allowing them to stay ahead of
the ever-changing market.”
September 2016