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  • Bridge the gap between business and IT
  • Create a Data Hub in minutes
  • Spend less time coding and more time building apps

With TimeXtender and Qlik – You Can!

Democratize Access to Corporate Data with TimeXtender and Qlik

With a solution based on TimeXtender’s advanced data warehouse automation technology and Qlik’s world-class data visualization software, you will never have to waste time waiting for access to data again.

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Data Discovery Automation - Free Whitepaper by Barry Devlin

How do you combine business users’ demand for self-service data discovery with IT’s concern for security? In his latest whitepaper, data warehousing expert Barry Devlin proposes the Discovery Hub, a central data storage that bridges the gap between business and IT.

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“Data warehouse automation—a relatively mature but underutilized technology—is a proven and effective way to resolve the top three challenges of data warehousing.”

– Dave Wells, data warehousing expert, TDWI

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Download Eckerson Group's Report on DWA

“DWA tools eliminate much of the manual effort and coding required to design, build, manage, operate, and document data warehouses and data marts.”

– Wayne Eckerson, founder, Eckerson Group

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What is DWA?

Just like automation has helped manufacturers increase productivity, DWA improves data warehousing.

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“Without TimeXtender there are simply numbers we cannot see” – Morten Duch, CEO, Proshop

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Get the newest insights on Data Warehouse Automation and BI.

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TimeXtender® is a world leading Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) vendor dedicated to Microsoft® SQL Server®.

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