With Discovery Hub® you can have the data you need when you need it and still maintain governance, security, and control. Democratizing access to corporate data is our way of ending the battle between business and IT.

Democratize access to corporate data

What if you could


the data you need
when you need it?


to changes quickly
and efficiently?


governance, security
and control?


your backlog of
IT requests?


Enhance support for data governance and data quality management with Discovery Hub’s ® metadata engine.


Easily access, model, and govern data through the power of automation. Auto-generate documentation every step of the way.


Facilitate shorter, more iterative development cycles, respond to changes quickly, and deliver faster time to value with fewer resources.

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Read what analysts are saying

“The irony of self-service analytics is that it requires standardization.”

– Eckerson Reference Architecture report

“A governed data discovery tool balances freedom and control.”

– Eckerson Governed Data Discovery

“What is needed is not a version of the truth, but a single source of truth.”

– Devlin White Paper

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