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April 2023

TimeXtender acquired BI Builders

In April 2023, TimeXtender acquired BI Builders, a prominent data automation software company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. This acquisition was made not only to expand TimeXtender's standing as a global leader in data management and data automation, but also to increase what TimeXtender’s holistic data integration and automation tool could do. By integrating the strengths of Xpert BI, the flagship software product of BI Builders, into our data automation tool, TimeXtender can continue to offer a distinct and robust data solution, changing the landscape for data scientists, engineers, and analysts across every industry

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Xpert BI is a comprehensive data automation and data governance tool with a wide range of functionalities. It enables automatic documentation, standardization, data governance support, and methodology improvements over off-the-shelf ETL- and ELT tools.

Functionality highlights include holistic data ingest, support for DataOps with test automation, source control and data quality, advanced API management and API creation, data source adapters, performance optimizations, migration wizards, and end-to-end column level data lineage. Supporting both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The visualization tool is not limited to Power BI.

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