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We make partnership easy. Learn how to partner with TimeXtender and help your customer future-proof their BI and analytics solutionlearn more about how to partner with TimeXtender here! 

How data is framed might be

the single most important factor

for business success

Do you agree with these statements?

Data is a source of deep value for organizations

Business users do not get timely and usable data they can use for data-driven decisions

Organizations are imperfect in their ability to capitalize on their existing data

Business and IT need to be aligned on matters of data to foster innovation

Organizations need secure, agile and automated data infrastructure

These statements, backed by analysts, influencers and industry buyers, are at the core of Discovery Hub’s® value proposition.

Partnering with TimeXtender gives you the opportunity to offer Discovery Hub® to your customers to help future-proof their business. Also, Discovery Hub® is a great fundament for GDPR Compliance within your customers BI, Reporting and Analytics Architecture.

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TimeXtender partner

With us, you’re not just a channel; you’re the core of our existence. We focus exclusively on our shared success and we only go to market through our partners. We have no fees for joining our partner program, no fees for partner training, and a 100% commitment to your technical and commercial success. With almost 3,000 customers globally, we help you and your customers drive a fundamental transformation in the world of data infrastructure.

The more contextual and up-to-date data you can provide to your customers from as many relevant sources as possible, the better their decision making and organization growth and profit will be. The key to success is being able to do this without adding extra burden on the well-meaning but highly backlogged IT department. And that is where our solutions come in.

With Discovery Hub®, your ability to drive a clear business conversation is enhanced as is your ability to truly elevate and expand your customers’ current data implementation across the enterprise, democratizing access to corporate data, and simultaneously liberating IT. 

With this democratization comes larger, more value-laden implementations, thereby enabling your customers to be agile. With Discovery Hub®, your customers benefit from automation and can leverage their data in a contextual, comprehensive, and timely fashion thereby cutting waste and driving innovation.

Partnership types


Implementation Partner

An Implementation Partner is a partner focused on the implementation of TimeXtenders Discovery Hub®.


Referral Partner

A Referral Partner is a partner that may from time to time discover an opportunity to sell Discovery Hub®.


Sales Partner

A Sales Partner is a partner that is actively selling Discovery Hub® all the way up to the final order. Subsequently this partner will also be implementing Discovery Hub®.

Our partners are not restricted by the partner type. It is the process behind the opportunity that determines what benefits you as a partner get and what requirements you need to fulfill. If a partner identifies an opportunity to sell TimeXtender software but does not wish to be engaged in the full sales cycle, then they would be compensated as a referral partner.

Time is precious

At TimeXtender, we take partnering very seriously.

We understand that you are spending the most valuable of all

commodities with us: Time.

We see the future as being driven by organizations’ ability to quickly democratize access to data, translate data into action and innovate with the saved energy and the added resources that an automated solution offers them.

Partnering with TimeXtender allows you to have far-reaching business architecture conversations with customer, backed up with rock-solid and tested software deployed worldwide. And we want to ensure you that your investment generates high ROI and immediate results.

We believe in leveraging the power of automation so the human mind can spend time more wisely. At TimeXtender we believe in spending time on mindfulness to build a balanced organization with balanced people. This empowers our organization to make the right decisions at the right time and we hope to inspire our partners and customers to do the same.

Because time matters, we engage fully charged.

When we are fully charged, we get more done, have better interactions and enjoy greater levels of success.

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