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TimeXtender's Major Enhancements Across Holistic Data Suite

TimeXtender's Major Enhancements Across Holistic Data Suite

We are excited to announce our latest release, which brings a host of significant improvements and new features to the TimeXtender’s Holistic Data Suite. These updates are aimed at improving usability, expanding capabilities, and streamlining operations to ensure you get the most out of your TimeXtender environment.


TimeXtender Data Integration

Redesigned Web Portal

We've completely overhauled our Data Integration web portal with improved navigation, accessibility, and overall user experience. The new design features:

  • A collapsible left-side menu for data flow-related features
  • Revamped top menu for user account settings, support, and admin functions
  • Introduction of dark mode for comfortable work in low-light environments
  • Consistent design elements extended to Exmon Turnkey for a unified look across the suite

Excel and CSV Data Sources

We’ve simplified file-based data ingestion. New native data source connectors for Excel and CSV files offer:

  • Multiple file ingestion as different tables or into a single table
  • Flexible source options including local drives, SFTP, Google Cloud, AWS S3, or Azure blob storage
  • Optimized performance for faster data ingestion

Integrate Existing Objects

There is now seamless incorporation of legacy data. This powerful new feature allows integration of non-TimeXtender database objects, enabling:

  • Integration of existing data warehouses, with additional metadata support for Xpert BI Projects
  • Direct integration of TimeXtender Master Data Management tables
  • Easier integration of streaming data using LAMBDA architecture

Improved SQL Provider & Service Principal Authentication

We've upgraded to the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient provider, enhancing security and compatibility. Users can now authenticate SQL Data Sources and Data Storage using a Service Principal.


Snowflake Storage Improvements

For Snowflake storage users, we've improved low-code support, allowing easier implementation of Aggregate Tables, Table Inserts, and Custom Table Inserts.


Enhanced Instance Transfer Controls

The instance transfer process in Environments now offers more control, allowing users to choose whether to override security, roles, and notifications in the destination instance.


TimeXtender Data Quality

Webhook Notifications

We've added powerful new functionality to TimeXtender Data Quality (previously Exmon Data Governance):

  • Integration with Zapier for sending data quality exceptions directly to project management apps like Jira
  • Streamlined data quality workflow across the organization

Cross-Product Improvements

Unified Login Experience

We've implemented a shared login for TimeXtender and Exmon products (web and desktop DG and DM), reducing complexity and improving user experience across the suite.

Improved Performance and Bug Fixes

We've made numerous performance improvements and bug fixes across the TimeXtender suite, including faster listing of instances in TimeXtender Desktop, optimized page load times in the Portal, and many more.


Read the Full Release Notes

For a detailed breakdown of all the updates and enhancements included in this release, please refer to the complete release notes available on our website.


Learn More about the TimeXtender Holistic Data Suite

Ready to experience these exciting new features and improvements? Click here to get started with a FREE trial and discover how TimeXtender's Holistic Data Suite can help you unify your data stack, automate data integration processes, and build a robust foundation for analytics and AI 10x faster.

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