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TimeXtender Declared an Innovative Breakthrough


It goes without saying that you have choices when it comes to selecting the right technology to build and manage your data estate.

And when choosing that technology there are many factors that go into your decision making, such as costs, ease-of-use, cloud capability, future needs, and more. We’ve addressed all of these factors at one time or another on this blog, explaining why we believe that TimeXtender®, with its innovative design and advanced functionality, is the clear choice for organizations looking to efficiently build and manage their corporate data estate.

But we’re not the only ones who believe this, as TimeXtender was recently selected as the “Most Innovative Corporate Data Management Platform in 2019”, as well as a Data Management Solution to Watch in 2019.  

So what makes TimeXtender so innovative? Let’s take a look.

Build a Modern Data Estate - Distinctive Technology Core

TimeXtender is built with three main components:  the Operational Data Exchange (ODX), the Modern Data Warehouse (MDW), and the Semantic Layer. This layered data architecture is at the heart of what makes TimeXtender a truly innovative data management platform.

ODX – The ODX acts as a central hub and data repository to manage and store the inflow and outflow of all data. The ODX connects to data from all sources and gathers the data in its raw form without manipulating or cleansing. This allows for connectivity to ever-growing and ever-changing data sources.

MDW – The MDW can be built by modeling data residing in the ODX, along with data from other tables used at the local, self-service level to create golden records. In the MDW, data is improved, enriched and consolidated to provide data quality one time. This optimizes data for core analytics. The MDW also preserves historical data as data and source systems change with time.

Semantic Layer – Semantic layer modeling provides easy access and control to data that is relevant to a specific department or purpose. It transforms data so that business users can easily understand and properly interpret the data. Governed models are defined once and then automatically used to deliver data in the right form and context to any data visualization tool, including Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

Designed for Time Efficiency -- Translates to Cost Savings

While other approaches require time to manually stitch together a mix of tools and vendors for data integration, data preparation, blending and documentation, TimeXtender is a single, integrated and agile platform that leverages the power of automation to save substantial time and money. Following is an explanation how.  

Powerful automation - It provides a faster, easier and more accurate means to access, model and govern your data. TimeXtender provides this by automatically generating code and documentation and through an execution engine that improves its own performance.

Meta-driven approach -  It operates at a metadata level to provide access and scalability for your data without an additional IT burden thereby speeding up accessibility.

Full control – It saves time by turning complex data into valuable information without manual coding.

Accelerated time to data – You get results from data 10 times faster than traditional methods, with a 70% reduction in build costs and up to 80% reduction in maintenance costs.

Aggregation - Easily search for, gather and present data from diverse systems and platforms.

Fully integrated – It caters to the whole value chain in the information process – from connecting to the data silos to transforming the data into semantic business models that can be easily and quickly accessed by BI tools.

Built with Regulatory Compliance in Mind

Businesses that reside in countries with GDPR and that store and manage data, must comply with the regulation.  Privacy is also enforced in many countries around the world. TimeXtender is designed to support these requirements, along with HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley, by using the following functionality:

Auto-generated documentation – Because TimeXtender auto-generates documentation for all three layers of the data architecture, you always have up-to-date documentation for your analytics data.

Traceability – Auto-generated data lineage and impact analysis allow you to see the source of the data point and effects that any change will have.

Security - Quickly and easily anonymize any personally identifiable data, while still using it to provide actionable insights for your business. Maintain, manage and document access rights.

Ready for the Future - Runs Optimally on Microsoft Azure

TimeXtender is Microsoft Azure certified and runs seamlessly, with ease on Azure. With Microsoft Azure being the best cloud platform to run Windows, SQL Server and other Microsoft data platforms, and with all the benefits for moving applications and data to the cloud such as cost reduction, freeing up IT resources, and reducing infrastructure and maintenance requirements, this capability should not be taken lightly.

Running both TimeXtender and your data platform on Azure provides optimal cost efficiency and performance for building and maintaining a modern data estate on Microsoft technologies. Building a modern data estate using TimeXtender and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance gives you a solid foundation for any use case and data scenario from core analytics to deep learning and beyond. And for organizations choosing not to operate in the cloud, TimeXtender also runs on-premises and hybrid.

That’s just an overview of the innovation designed in TimeXtender. To find out more about what makes TimeXtender a truly innovative data management platform visit here to see a list of key features or here to find out what analysts have said about the technology.

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