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TimeXtender Partner of the year 2021

TimeXtender Partner of the year 2021

Our ecosystem is formed by more than 200+ partners that get it.

We keep growing our partner community because data management is dead, and things needs to change. 

The status quo of doing things is no more. Our partners not only know about this, they tell their customers and empower them with data.

At TimeXtender, we innovate, so our partners and customers can multiply the use cases of our technology exponentially. Every day.

While we know that every company is a data company, not every company is convinced or see that clearly. So here is where our partners, our data-empowered Superheroes enter the equation. It is not easy to change mindsets, but our partners make it look like it is. 

Once a year we recognise the cool kids that with their presence in the field, their expertise, their human approach and their willingness to make things better, win the struggle and enable companies to do more.

The TimeXtender Partner Awards recognize top performing partners with grit and vision. 

In an increasingly competitive data landscape, it's fundamental to count with an army of wizards, ready to create magic.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

A massive congratulations to the teams behind this incredible achievement!

Along with being super high performers, here are other criteria points we considered to earn this award. 

  • Demonstrated exceptional knowledge about data management and data integration frameworks.
  • The Partner has shown the ability to change their mindset and adopting No/Low code principles for new projects.
  • Integrity in how they drive their customers towards building a modern Data Estate
  • Their marketing activities have continuously brought TimeXtender awareness to the market.
  • Continuously bring new ideas and strategies to the table to pursue new ways to resolve complex issues with our technology.
  • These partners have continuously adopted Microsoft technologies as an addition to the current business model. 
  • They are committed to be certified with TimeXtender technology and keep their knowledge updated with creative ways to help our clients simplify, automate and execute. 

Once again, congratulations to the winners, this is an incredible achievement!

From everyone at TimeXtender, a cheers to you, let's make 2022 an even better year for everyone. Cheers everyone!


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