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TimeXtender Celebrates 15 Years in Business by Winning Three Global Awards

TimeXtender Celebrates 15 Years in Business by Winning Three Global Awards

This year marks the 15th anniversary of TimeXtender’s founding as a company back in 2006.

We celebrate this anniversary with the news that in recognition of our performance as a successful global organization, TimeXtender has won several 2021 Stevie Awards. Here’s a breakdown of these three distinct honors:

Gold – We’re proud to say that we’ve been awarded the Gold for our work to transform our entire business operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This award category appropriately named “Covid Response” generated a lot of interest from organizations that made changes to their business operations as well to address the pandemic and that submitted nominations for their hard work for award evaluation.

TimeXtender was named the winner of the Gold for “Covid Response – Most Innovative Workplace Redesign” in the Stevie Awards for Great Employers.  For our team to take home the gold is quite an accomplishment. We invested a lot of effort into developing and rolling out our new “One Global Team – Working from Anywhere” organizational structure and believe that we now have one of the most advanced workplace cultures in the business world. Xpeople (what we call ourselves here at TimeXtender) can now work comfortably from a remote destination with support from our company.

Silver – We were also awarded a Silver-level award in the International Business Awards for “Company of the Year – Computer Software – Small.” TimeXtender has consistently maintained its roots of being a fast-moving, high-growth company and this award evaluated various aspects of our organization from product to structure to management. Being recognized as a company of the year is really quite an accomplishment for the Xpeople here at TimeXtender and one shared with all of our business partners worldwide.

Bronze – And we also won a bronze for Most Valuable HR Team in response to Covid. Our HR team does an excellent job building and managing an organization that supports TimeXtender’s Xpeople who are located all around the world, helping them to stay aligned and engaged with our core purpose and core beliefs, but also aiding the company to stay in tune with advanced business principles. Staying abreast of new models helps us succeed by maintaining corporate resilience and sustainability through various challenges that may arise in the business world.

So, what does this all mean for our existing and future customers, partners and employees?

Well, these awards are a true indicator of the commitment we have for innovation and quality. And they highlight our long-standing market leadership. Winning awards such as these don’t happen overnight, they’re the result of hard work from many dedicated people that result in building systems, procedures and methods over many years, in this case, 15 years.

But it’s our passion for innovation that is at the heart of who we are and what we do at TimeXtender -- from our world-class, data-estate solution to our global partner network to our more than 3,300 customers worldwide.

When you work with TimeXtender, you work with a partner that’s a proven leader in innovation through and through.