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TimeXtender Takes Steps for Mental Health

TimeXtender Takes Steps for Mental Health

October at TimeXtender isn't just about the changing leaves and cooler weather — it's a month dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we've taken strides — quite literally — with a global step challenge to promote mental health and mental health awareness. From walking meetings to collective strolls, our team from every corner of the world stepped up, putting their best foot forward for mental well-being.

Dive into our journey this month, where each step wasn’t just for fitness but for a greater cause.

Unity in Steps: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day

On October 10th, TimeXtender teams globally laced up their shoes and stepped out in unison. From group hikes in the picturesque Royal Gardens in Apeldoorn to walking meetings with our partners, every stride resonated with purpose and unity. Even those who walked solo shared glimpses of their journeys, weaving a tapestry of stories and snapshots. The energy and camaraderie from this event weren't confined by borders — it was felt worldwide, binding us all in shared steps for mental health.




Step Challenge: Step Up for a Cause

But why stop at just one day? Throughout October, TimeXtender employees will have a chance to make their steps count – literally! We're introducing a company-wide step challenge. As XPeople clock in their steps, they aren’t just walking for their health; they're walking for a bigger purpose. The highest steppers will win donations to charities that support mental health, transforming their physical efforts into tangible support for mental health initiatives.

It has brought a sense of connection within our regions, as we cheer each other on and connect in our shared purpose. Getting out for a walk also provides our XPeople with a little added boost. Walking promotes the creation of dopamine which makes you feel happier and eases stress. By participating in the Walk With Me challenge, our XPeople are also giving themselves a mental health boost.


Pledge and Provide: Every Mile Counts

TimeXtender's spirit of giving doesn't stop with the company — it permeates through its people. Several team members are pledging to walk a mile (or more!) every single day in October. They're not just doing it for fitness — they're doing it for a cause. These individual efforts are twofold: promoting mental well-being and raising funds for local charities committed to the same mission.

Some XPeople are collecting pledges to walk a certain distance and raise money for additional causes close to their hearts. Other XPeople are using apps like Treecard that plant trees for the steps they are taking. Every little bit counts in wellness and sustainability and we are proud to foster a culture of people that give back.

Walk With Me Banner.png


Walking & Mental Health

Walking isn't just about moving from point A to B — it's a powerful tool for mental well-being. Whether it's through mindful strides, synced breathing exercises, or tapping into a sense of gratitude, each step can be a leap toward better mental health. At TimeXtender, we delve deep into this synergy between walking and mental clarity. Check out our series of blogs — from embracing mindful walking to making the most of walking meetings — and discover how every step can uplift your mind and spirit.

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Wrapping It Up: A Month of Impact

At TimeXtender, we believe in the power of data. But even more, we believe in the power of people. This October, we’re combining the two. As we measure our steps and track our progress, we're also measuring our impact on the world around us. For example, in order to offset our carbon footprint, we ask all our XPeople to calculate their CO2 emissions every time they travel. Then after the trip, we partner with and donate to causes that help people and fight climate change.

October 10th marked World Mental Health Day, and we are committed to ensuring that we don't treat this as a one-off event but include it as part of our company's DNA. Join us the rest of this year as we continue to take steps, both big and small, towards a world where mental health isn't just understood but prioritized. Let's walk together for a brighter, healthier future.


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