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Release Announcement: TimeXtender Version 6429.1

Release Announcement: TimeXtender Version 6429.1

We are pleased to announce the release of TimeXtender version 6429.1, a significant update aimed at improving data integration and management.

This new version introduces a range of features and enhancements, each carefully developed to address the evolving needs of our users. With version 6429.1, TimeXtender continues its commitment to providing effective, efficient, and user-friendly data solutions.

Overview of New Features in TimeXtender Version 6429.1

TimeXtender's latest update, version 6429.1, introduces several key features, each designed to enhance data management and streamline workflow processes:

  • Multiple Environments and Instance Transfers: This innovative feature supports multiple environment deployments, allowing developers to create distinct environments for development, testing, and production. Importantly, it includes the capability of transferring instances between these environments, which is essential for a smooth workflow progression from development to production​​.
  • Data Source Adapters for ERP Systems: The introduction of new data source adapters for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central significantly eases the integration and management of these ERP systems, thereby streamlining processes and improving efficiency.
  • Enhanced Support for Snowflake: The update enhances support for Snowflake as a data warehouse target storage. This expansion includes features like cloud-based data source connection management and the ability to run PowerShell scripts in execution packages, thus unlocking significant automation capabilities within Azure through PowerShell​​.
  • XPilot Integration in the Desktop: Direct access to XPilot, TimeXtender’s data integration chatbot, is now integrated into the Desktop version, providing users with enhanced ease of use and efficiency in data integration tasks.
  • 14-Day Full-Feature Trial: The introduction of a 14-day full-feature trial allows users to fully explore TimeXtender's capabilities before committing to a paid subscription, reflecting the company's user-centric approach.
  • Automated Migration from Version 20.10: For users on the 20.10 branch, the new version offers an automated migration feature, facilitating a smooth and efficient transition without the need to start from scratch​​.

Each of these features contributes to more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly data management, highlighting TimeXtender's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in data integration solutions.

Let’s explore each of these features and how they can significantly improve your data management workflows, ensuring that your organization is equipped with the tools it needs for efficient and effective data integration.

Multiple Environments and Instance Transfers in the Portal

TimeXtender version 6429.1 introduces a significant enhancement in data project management through its 'Multiple Environments and Instance Transfers' feature. This capability allows developers to organize their work more effectively by grouping instances into distinct environments, such as development (DEV), testing (TEST), and production (PROD).

The ability to transfer contents between these environments streamlines the data management process. It ensures that changes made in the development phase can be seamlessly moved to testing for validation, and once verified, can be efficiently promoted to the production environment. This structured approach not only simplifies workflow management but also minimizes errors and inconsistencies, ensuring a higher quality of data solutions and a more reliable deployment process. With this feature, TimeXtender provides a more organized and controlled framework for managing the lifecycle of data projects, from inception to deployment​​.

Read more about these new features here:

Data Source Adapters for ERP Systems in TimeXtender Version 6429.1

The latest update of TimeXtender introduces new data source adapters for two pivotal ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ("AX") and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ("NAV"). These adapters are a significant enhancement for users who work with these systems on a regular basis.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified Integration: The new adapters make the integration of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central into TimeXtender seamless, offering a more streamlined experience for users.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Users will find it easier to handle accounts and other ERP-related functionalities. The adapters are designed to align with the specific needs of these systems, improving the efficiency of data handling and management.
  • Improved User Experience: By providing tailored connectors for these Microsoft Dynamics systems, TimeXtender offers a more intuitive and user-friendly environment. This not only saves time but also reduces the complexity often associated with managing ERP data.
  • Increased Efficiency: The direct integration simplifies the data management process, allowing for quicker access and manipulation of ERP data, leading to more efficient workflows.

Improved Support for Snowflake in TimeXtender Version 6429.1

TimeXtender's latest update significantly enhances its integration with Snowflake, introducing new features that streamline data management and warehousing:

  • Incremental Load: This feature optimizes data updates by loading only newly created or modified data, reducing processing times and improving the efficiency of data ingestion, validation, and transformation tasks.
  • Field Transformations: Users now have more flexibility in modifying and manipulating data fields, enabling more precise tailoring of data for reporting and analysis.
  • Field Validations: TimeXtender's field-level validation rules ensure data accuracy and reliability within the data warehouse, allowing for conditional application based on specific requirements.
  • Conditional Lookup Fields: These fields enhance data analysis by enabling dynamic relationships between different datasets, such as linking product details to sales records based on a common identifier.
  • History Tables: The history feature in TimeXtender allows for tracking changes in tables, effectively managing updates and alterations in data records.
  • Supernatural Keys: This feature introduces durable, unique keys independent of natural keys found in data, providing consistency and reliability across different source systems.
  • Custom Views: Custom Views offer tailored perspectives of data, facilitating specific analytical needs and leveraging SQL capabilities for enhanced data exploration.

Each of these features elevates TimeXtender's functionality with Snowflake, catering to the complex and evolving requirements of modern data warehousing, and providing users with a more robust, adaptable toolset for their data management needs.

Read more about our enhanced Snowflake features here:

XPilot Integration in the Desktop

In TimeXtender version 6429.1, the integration of XPilot takes a convenient form with a direct link accessible from the toolbar. This enhancement simplifies access to TimeXtender's data integration chatbot, XPilot, enhancing the overall user experience within the Desktop version.

Benefits of This Integration for Users:

  • Easy Access: The toolbar link allows quick and straightforward access to XPilot, reducing the time spent navigating between applications.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Having XPilot readily accessible from the Desktop environment integrates it more seamlessly into users’ regular data management workflows.
  • Enhanced User Experience: This integration ensures a more cohesive and efficient experience, allowing users to access XPilot right from their primary work interface.

This update reflects TimeXtender’s focus on user convenience and efficiency in data integration processes.

14-Day Full-Feature Trial

We're pleased to announce a new 14-day, full-feature trial for TimeXtender. This trial gives you complete access to all of TimeXtender's features, allowing you to fully explore the depth and breadth of our data management and integration tools.

To make way for this comprehensive trial experience, we have retired the previous Free tier, which offered limited features and resources. This change reflects our commitment to providing a comprehensive experience of TimeXtender's capabilities.

Additionally, we understand the importance of support during this exploration phase. Therefore, the 14-day trial includes dedicated one-on-one support, ensuring you can make the most out of your trial period with expert guidance at every step.

Automated Migration from 20.10 to New Version

The release of TimeXtender version 6429.1 introduces a significant enhancement for users on the 20.10 branch: an automated migration tool. This tool is designed to facilitate the upgrade of existing TimeXtender Version 20.10 projects to the new cloud-enabled version seamlessly.

Key benefits of migrating to the latest version of TimeXtender include:

  • Cloud-Enabled Scalability and Usability: The latest version of TimeXtender offers cloud-based scalability, improving overall performance and user experience.
  • Managed Cloud Instances: Eliminating the need for hosting project repositories, as the SaaS version is powered by fully managed cloud instances.
  • Enhanced Security and Accessibility: With user sign-in support and granular user permission management, there's no longer a need for license keys and client secrets.
  • Simplified Environment Management: The update includes easier management and transfer of multiple environments within the portal, including the Operational Data Exchange (ODX).
  • Cloud-Based Data Source Connection Management: This allows admins to create and share access to data sources securely, without the need to exchange passwords.
  • Advanced Automation with PowerShell: The ability to run PowerShell scripts in Execution Packages opens up significant automation possibilities within Azure.
  • Support for Snowflake: The new version extends support to Snowflake as a data warehouse target storage, enhancing data management capabilities​​.

This automated migration tool significantly reduces the complexity and time required for the upgrade process, allowing users to efficiently transition to the latest, more advanced version of TimeXtender.

Final Thoughts

As we unveil TimeXtender version 6429.1, our commitment to innovation and enhancing user satisfaction remains stronger than ever. This latest update is a testament to our dedication to providing sophisticated yet user-friendly data management and integration solutions.

We invite you to explore the new features and improvements in version 6429.1, designed to make your data workflows more efficient and intuitive. Whether you're upgrading from an earlier version or considering TimeXtender for the first time, we encourage you to experience the enhanced capabilities and see how they can transform your data management strategy.

Try out the new features we've discussed and experience firsthand how they can streamline your data workflows, improve accuracy, and boost efficiency.

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