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BARC Data Management Survey 2022 - TimeXtender Outstanding Results

BARC Data Management Survey 2022 - TimeXtender Outstanding Results

The Data Management Survey, now in its third year, is a BARC research study focused on the data management tools market.

About TimeXtender


TimeXtender empowers you to build a modern data estate 10x faster with a low-code, drag-and-drop solution for data ingestion and preparation. 

Our data estate builder seamlessly overlays your data infrastructure, connects to 250+ data sources, and integrates all the powerful data preparation capabilities you need into a single, unified solution. 

Code and documentation are generated automatically, which reduces build costs by 70%, frees data teams from tedious, repetitive tasks, and provides business users with a code-free experience for creating their own data products. 

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, we have 15+ years of experience optimizing best practices and building modern data estates for top-performing organizations, such as Pandora, Komatsu and Colliers. 

  • Our customers typically experience a 70% reduction in build costs and an 80% reduction in maintenance costs with our unique, automated, low-code approach. 
  • We have an unprecedented 97% loyalty rate with over 3,300 customers due to our commitment to simplicity, automation, and execution. 
  • All this is made possible by our highly-skilled Xpeople, our powerful technology, and our strong community of over 190 partners in 95 countries.


BARC and the Data Management Survey 2022


The Business Application Research Center (BARC) is an industry analyst and consulting firm for business software with a focus on Business Intelligence/Analytics, Data Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


BARC analysts have been supporting companies in strategy, organization, architecture and software evaluations for more than 20 years.


The BARC Data Management 2022 research is primarily based on a major survey of 1,101 software users and consultants worldwide, and provides a wealth of user feedback on 20 of the leading data management solutions on the market today, including TimeXtender.


TimeXtender achieved consistently good ratings with two top rankings and three leading positions in this year’s Data Management Survey. 

TimeXtender was placed above average in 14 of the 17 KPIs, including one maximum rating of 10/10 for Connectivity and a 9.3/10 in the Technical Capability KPI.



Impressively, the lowest placings for TimeXtender were two fourth positions in the Performance and Customer Experience KPIs.


We are thrilled to know our customers highly appreciate our technology and we'll keep developing our solutions with a customer centric approach.


We take these results as an incentive to keep improving our product every day and ensure we fulfil our core purpose. To empower the world with data, mind and heart. 


If you want to explore and compare Data Warehouse automation tools you can visit their website to learn more about specific tools and compare tools to one another. TimeXtender results can be found within the Grouping "Products to support DW Automation"


You can download a full summary concerning TimeXtender results.  


Download BARC Report


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