Automated Data Management for Analytics and AI

Speed Development of a Modern Data Estate by 10X

Your organization has decided to build or modernize a data estate for analytics and AI, and you want to accomplish this in shortest possible timeframe. Learn how TimeXtender can help you get there 10x faster than with traditional methods.

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No-code Simplicity

Data projects typically require large, highly skilled teams and months of development because of the tedious, time-consuming nature of coding by hand – the old way to build a data warehouse. See how TimeXtender accelerates, simplifies and automates data modeling, integration, extraction, cleansing, loading, and documentation using low-code/no-code development patterns and functionality.

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Automate Documentation of Your Data Estate

Documentation for data projects is often poor or non-existent. TimeXtender resolves documentation issues by generating documentation from project metadata.

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Automate the Process of Building Data Lakes, Warehouses and Marts

Building a data estate usually requires a wide range of tools that often don’t integrate, which leaves the process remaining mostly manual. TimeXtender replaces those tools with an integrated data management platform.


Expedite development with automated code-generation, freeing data engineers to focus on data quality and business requirements

Best Practices

14+ years of optimization and refinement in Data Estate implementations for top performance and robust solutions

Data Integration

With 200+ data connectors, integrate your siloed data and enrich for advanced analytics and AI


Ensure your data estate is fully scalable and ready to adopt future releases and new technologies with easily changed deployment models or data platform


TimeXtender automates code generation, orchestration, and version control across multiple environments


Avoid building custom datasets for each request and easily add additional data sources and elements to speed up maintenance and reduce backlog

Complete Data Lineage

Automatically deliver full end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis


Identify and secure sensitive data while maintaining and documenting access rights

Automated Documentation

Automated generation of complete documentation from project metadata

Built Specifically for Microsoft Data Platforms

Microsoft is a market leader in data platforms. If you have chosen to standardize on Microsoft technologies for storing your analytics data – TimeXtender automates the process of getting data from source systems into Microsoft data platforms like SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Warehouse and ready for analysis.

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Future-Proof Your Data Estate

Scaling your data platform for analytics, or even just upgrading to the latest release, can be a challenging process for many organizations. TimeXtender helps future-proof your analytics data on Microsoft platforms by allowing you to change data platforms without rewriting data pipelines.

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