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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

The TimeXtender

Anti-Bland Brand's

List of Demands

or, How to make sure our brand isn't boring

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Following what everyone else does


but every once in a while, exceptions must be made.
Having a style guide (as if we don’t have style) is one of those.

*There are these things called Brand Archetypes — you may have heard of them — and the two that embody the Timextender brand are the Outlaw and the Creative. More on this here ↓


TimeXtender exists to
empower the world with data, mind, and heart



It’s one of the few finite resources, and we’re giving it back to the world, to companies, and to people.


We first want to thank you for making this commitment to upholding our brand and becoming an ambassador for the TimeXtender platform, helping us with our purpose.

We are humbled that you have chosen to join us on this wonderful journey to make an impact with the data management solution of tomorrow; the TimeXtender no-code data automation platform.

At TimeXtender, we strive to lead with our Core Purpose and stay true to our Core Beliefs, ensuring they are represented with every material we produce, every product update we code, every partnership we enter and every customer we assist. Put simply, we believe that ‘people do business with people’.

We also understand that we are what we give. Therefore, we strive to create Win-Win-Win solutions: Wins for us, our partners, and our customers. We believe that there are enough wins for everyone and when we think in this way, possibilities for success are endless.

And because time matters, we provide you with this Brand Playbook to save you time when representing the TimeXtender brand and to set you up for absolute greatness in our much-valued partnership.

We thank you again and look forward to our continued work together.

Because time matters,


Heine & Anne Krog Iversen



Everyone’s got their “thing” that makes them, well, them. It’s that thing that allows them to stand out above everyone else.


Peter Parker?

Turns out his was being your friendly, neighborhood Spider Man.



Doing what he thought was right, even if it was unpopular.



Um…er…well, you see, that may have been a poor example to use.



The Outlaw & The Creator

Core Archetype:

The Outlaw - 70%

Motivation: Liberation, change, what’s right, independence

Fears: servitude, conformity, complacency, acceptance, dependence

Outlaw Voice: disruptive, rebellious, combative

Outlaw brand message: Don’t settle for the status quo. Demand more. Make it happen.

Strategy: Denounce the status quo. Disrupt. Shock.

outlaw 70
Core Archetype:

The Creator - 30%

Motivation: Creation, originality, self-expression, vision, imagination

Fears: stagnation, duplication, familiarity, disillusionment, indifference

Outlaw Voice: Inspirational, Daring, Provocative

Outlaw brand message: There’s potential everywhere — find it. Uncover originality. Liberate imagination.

Strategy: : Inspire to unlock imagination. Encourage the pursuit of originality.

creative 30

So if we mix all that together, what do we have, exactly?


with a tip of the hat to the film with a similar title

Rebels — outlaws in their own right, each of them — all.

Causes? Yep. Each one wanting to disrupt something they saw as not right in their world, no? Starting to get the picture?


The TimeXtender Brand is Disruptive, Original, bold, human, humorous, inspirational

Quick note: A brand personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand and used consistently throughout the entire brand and/or customer experience in order to better connect with people.


To be disruptive means to prevent something from continuing or operating in a normal way.

The culture at TimeXtender is one in which we hope to see our work be a disruptive force within the industry. Our aim for the brand would be the same.

Related words: provocative, challenging


To be original means not secondary, derivative, or imitative; independent and creative in thought or action: inventive.

Related words: creative, inventive, independent


To be bold means to be fearless before danger; showing a fearless, daring spirit; adventurous, free; standing out prominently.

Related words: daring, gutsy, confident, audacious


To be human means to be true to one’s self, personality, and values without pretensions. It is the antithesis of being corporate; it is being real, vulnerable, and relatable.

Related words: authentic, raw, genuine, real, vulnerable, relatable

Antonyms (can you tell this one matters?): corporate, cookie-cutter, robotic, unauthentic, pretentious


To be humorous means we have the ability to be funny or to be amused by things that are funny. We have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to use it. In other words, life is too short not to laugh every now and then. Especially at ourselves.

Related words: playful, witty, facetious


To be inspirational means we want the brand to be an inspiring agent or influence. It should have the power to move the intellect and the emotions, as well as influencing or suggesting opinions.

Related words: influential, galvanizing, stirring, thought-provoking



“TimeXtender’s a software company, right? So doesn't everything need to sound pretty much like you’re reading a technical user’s manual?” Only, here’s the thing. We don’t sound like we’re reading a tech user’s manual. Partly because we don’t like reading those things (Does anyone really? Honestly?). But also because it’s just not us.

Our tone of voice is all about bringing our brand personality to life; and it’s especially about being human at its core, just like our teammates, partners, and customers (are human).


We use contractions for a conversational tone. You’ll see what we mean.

When making points, we like clear, easy-tounderstand sentences.

We prefer active voice when it’s appropriate.

We have a little fun when we write.



not like this...

Leave your data management worries behind with our great features and pricing!

Our no-hassle, low-cost data warehouse builder offers great features and flexibility; it’s perfect for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Apply for a job with TimeXtender, where our competitive pay and great benefits make it a great place to work.

More like this:

Having a constant backlog of analytics requests stinks. So, too, does not having enough time, money, or teammates to make anything happen. We get it. Many of us have been there ourselves. That’s why we do what we do. Because the world of data has changed, and because time matters. Work should be meaningful, not awful.

We make a drag-and-drop data estate builder that will likely save you both time and money. There is not another one like it on the market. There are other things on the market that have weirder names. There are other things on the market that have more expensive-sounding names. The first two sentences above matter far more than the second two. Because time matters.


our Logo

and how to use it properly

Grab the Logo Kit


Core Logo

Our logo has several variations to ensure that it presents itself as consistently and unequivocally as possible, no matter the limitations and challenges that may arise during reproduction.

TimeXtender color logo
TimeXtender white orange logo
TimeXtender white logo

As any company, we also prefer to have our logo displayed in its main colors presented above to ensure that it is most recognizable (but for those occasions where that's not possible we've included a black and grayscale version in the Logo Kit above)


Isolated X

The shining star of our logo is the X. It embodies our brand personality. It is powerful and recognizable. We call ourselves the Xpeople because, much like this icon, we too strive to bring our individual uniqueness to the TimeXtender collective, making us stronger together.

TimeXtender X color logo
TimeXtender X white logo

This shortened version of our logo should be used in places where the full core logo would be too long.


Clear Space

Our logo is the embodiment of our brand summed up into one clear package. Therefore, our logo must be perfectly legible and without obstruction, at all times.

clear spaceFor this reason, please maintain a reasonable minimum area of breathing room around the logo. The preferred cleared space around the Core logo is roughly equivalent to the width and height of the “X”, and 1/4 the width and height of the X in case of the Isolated X logo.


Minimum Size

The logo should always be legible.

TimeXtender white orange logo
TimeXtender X white logo

In print, the Core logo should never appear smaller than .125” tall (4.2mm), and on screen, it must appear at least 12px tall. The Isolated X logo in print should never appear smaller than .25” tall (6.4mm), and on screen it must appear at least 18px tall.

this goes without saying, but just to be sure

never change the logo

Use them as they are, don't add any fancy effects or make your own versions. This goes for every logo ever. not just ours.

*Unless you're in charge of a redesign, in that case, good luck.

no cropping

no outlining

no distorting

no new fonts

no rotating

no off-brand colors

no repositioning of the elements

no shadows (or other effects)

once again, don't make any changes to the logo

our Colors

the orange and the rest

Primary Colors

As you've probably noticed Orange is our main color, that's in contrast with our Dark Blue, but you might have missed the supporting Grays that we use mainly for text and backgrounds.

"TX Orange"

Pantone: 716 C
CMYK: 0, 64, 100, 0
RGB: 244, 123, 32
Hex: f47b20

"TX Dark Blue"

Pantone: 2767 C
CMYK: 98, 82, 44, 43
RGB: 19, 44, 74
Hex: 132c4a

"TX Gray"

Pantone: 425 C
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 85
RGB: 77, 77, 79
Hex: 4d4d4f

"TX Light Blue"

Pantone: 538 C
CMYK: 21, 15, 9, 0
RGB: 199, 203, 214
Hex: c7cbd6

Orange and Dark Blue can create bold statements, and they represent the Outlaw in our color scheme. Dark Gray is our main color when it comes to bodytext, and Light Gray is the base for our light backgrounds.


Secondary Colors

To create more variety in our branded designs we use different tints of the previously defined Primary Colors. Each of those Colors have 4 lighter alternatives.



















Color transitions add depth and dimension to the otherwise flat designs and there's a lot you can do with them: Use a combination of the Primary and Secondary colors for a subtle background. Add a fun, funky vibe to a photo with an overlay. Make a big impact—without being visually overwhelming—by adding a gradient with bold colors to design accents.

#faac71 → #f47b20

#596e92 → #132c4a

#e9eaee → #c7cbd6

Gradient Tip: Keep the design simple. Don’t go overboard. You should be using gradients, but make sure you’re using them wisely. And always use colors that match our brand.


Accessible color combinations

Make sure to always have enough contrast between the text color and the background, so it's easy to read the text.

This is easy to read

This is easy to read

This is hard to read

This is hard to read


We’re not fat; we’re bold.


Rubik is a sans serif font family with slightly rounded corners in 5 different weights both in Roman and Italic styles.


You can get the font family from Google or Adobe


Visual Style

Just like we don't dress the same way for every occasion, our visuals also have the freedom to explore different styles as long as they stay recognisable. Using the brand colors and clear messaging helps with that. So be creative but reasonable.


Illustrations and Icons

These visuals give support to our messaging and create interest. It is very important that they are clear, easy to understand and make our brand recognisable.



Geometric shapes with subtle color differences and gradients are encouraged to use to create more interesting backgrounds without taking away the attention from the messaging on them. 

When selecting backgrounds aim for a healthy balance between simple one-color and "patterned" or gradient backgrounds.



The photos we use should align with our voice and other visuals. Make sure to use sharp, high-contrast images and whenever possible the orange should be a highlight in the photo. 

When the photos' purpose is to add a subtle visual, you can use black and white images to keep the attention on the colored messaging (e.g. an orange headline). Using black and white photos is also great for creating a uniform look across otherwise different images (e.g. photos in a presentation.

Use black and white closeups with orange circle background to create our signature headshot looks.

Social Media

Let’s Get Social!

Branded visuals and a strong company voice shape our online presence. On our social profiles, you will see a combination of content about our product, highlights of our company culture, and behind-the-scenes stories from the Xpeople. To reach more people and drive deeper engagement with our content, we often tag our partners and other relevant business accounts in our posts. We also use a selection of relevant hashtags to attract audiences that follow topics related to our business. 


The hashtags may vary within each platform, but every post will include a set of them describing our product, our company, our culture, or industry-wide hot topics, like these: 

TX Brand / DNA & Culture

#TimeXtender | #BecauseTimeMatters | #DataMindHeart | #Xpeople | #WinWinWin | #InspireOn | #Xtend | #Xbassadors

Product / Technology Focused

#DataEstate | #DataWarehouse | #DataEngineer | #DataScientist | #DataAnalyst | #DataEngineers | #DataScientists | #DataEngineering |  #DataTrends | #BusinessIntelligence |  #TechIndustry


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