No-code Simplicity for Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Marts


We Generate Code For You

Define your inputs, transformations, merges, and outputs. TimeXtender uses the project information as metadata to generate code and build your data warehouse upon deployment and execution.

Change Storage Without Re-writing a Line of Code

Because TimeXtender generates code from metadata, you can point to the new storage (or server) and code will be automatically updated as needed for your updated project. For example, moving your Data Warehouse from SQL Server on-premises to Azure SQL DB is simple and fast. Need to scale further or migrate to the latest database release? No problem – and no coding required!



A Single Pane of Glass for Your Lakes, Warehouses and Marts

TimeXtender simplifies building your modern data estate by providing “a single pane of glass” for integrating your siloed data into a data lake, modeling your data warehouse on-prem or in Azure, and defining data marts for multiple BI tools and endpoints, in a fully documented solution from end to end.

Let Business Experts Define Your Warehouse

When coding is removed from the process of building your data warehouse, and all reportable data is in your data lake, you can let data experts from businesses work directly on defining the transformations and merges that need to take place to prepare their data for analytics.


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