Future-Proof Your Data Estate


Change Deployment Models Without Rewriting Code

On-premises, cloud, hybrid. The choice of where to deploy your data estate can be a stressful one because it can be very hard to change later. Not with TimeXtender. Simply point TimeXtender at the new target location and it will generate and install all the necessary code to build and populate your new deployment.

Scale Up (or Down) When You Need To

Frequently, organizations chose their data platform based on future expectations for database size and workloads. This results is a purchasing decision that is expensive in the short term because you are paying for capabilities that you don’t yet need. With TimeXtender, you can purchase and deploy an appropriately sized data platform and scale later.



Run Development, Test and Production on Different Platforms

Because TimeXtender writes your code, you can easily move from Development to Test to Production – even if they are on different Microsoft Data Platforms. This allows you to host your Dev, Test and Production environments on the platform that is most convenient and cost efficient.

Upgrade Easily

For many data warehouses, the code is tightly connected to the version of the database. TimeXtender removes this connection – making future updates quick and easy.


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