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      TimeXtender for Data Teams

      Build Your Modern
      Data Estate 10x Faster

      With our low-code, drag-and-drop solution
      for data ingestion & preparation

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      Empower Your Organization with Fast Access to Reliable Data 

      Provide secure access to sensitive data across your entire organization, while eliminating manual, repetitive data preparation tasks 


      Replace a Stack of Tools with a Single Solution 

      TimeXtender combines all the powerful data preparation capabilities you need into a single, unified solution.


      Integrate Quickly & Easily 

      Integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure in days, not months – no lengthy implementation, costly disruptions, or vendor lock-in. 


      Flexible & Future-Proof 

      Easily adopt new technologies, prep data for AI & machine learning, and migrate to future, cloud data platforms with one click. 


      6 Ways TimeXtender Helps Data Teams Eliminate Manual, Repetitive Tasks 


      Automatically Generate Code

      TimeXtender automatically generates T-SQL code for data cleansing, transformation & validation – eliminate the need to manually write, review & debug countless lines of SQL code.

      Don’t worry! Powerful developer tools, SQL scripting, and custom coding capabilities are still available, if needed.


      Drag-and-Drop Interface

      TimeXtender empowers you to quickly integrate your siloed data into a data lake, model your data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple BI tools & endpoints – all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface.


      Smarter Pipelines

      No more spending months building and rebuilding pipelines! With our metadata-based approach, whenever a change in your data sources or systems is made, you can instantly propagate those changes across the entire pipeline with just a few clicks. 


      Automatically Generate Project Documentation

      TimeXtender automatically generates full, end-to-end documentation of your entire data estate – ensure users that their data is complete, accurate & reliable.


      Data Lineage, Impact Analysis & Data Quality Alerts

      TimeXtender provides visual data lineage, impact analysis, and data quality rules & alerts so you can quickly fix any issues that might arise.


      Enterprise-Grade Security

      TimeXtender allows you to asily create database roles, determine access rights & enable object- and data-level permissions to ensure data security & quality.

      "TimeXtender lives up to its name - it does give you back more time! It allows us to develop data warehouses and data marts quickly, thereby allowing our customers to reap the benefits of their data much quicker than before. We have reduced the development and deployment time of our solutions by orders of magnitude."

      Data Engineer

      Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

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