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11:30-19:00, 19 September | København

DataNova 2024

Join our Datafestivity - Data, Mind and Heart!

Join TimeXtender for an inspiring half day seminar with presentations from Timextender, KPMG, Exmon, Microsoft and more. Dive in and share your experiences, expand your network and create new opportunities together with other data enthusiasts!

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Meet Timextender with
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Welcome to DataNova 2024

The Data Festivity of the Year – Data, Mind and Heart!

Nova means “new” in Latin when referring to stars. We are gathering all our stars from within data management, -modelling, -automation, BI and analytics together for a half day of inspiring presentations, customer stories, panel discussions and networking.

If you want to learn more about how to make complex tasks easy by using automation, how to optimize value from your data and learn from others in your industry, then this is the place for you.

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When you attend DataNova 2024 you will get:

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Reimagined Insights

This year, we're taking a deep dive into the practical experiences and case studies that shape our industry. Our speakers and workshops are primed to spark conversations around the latest trends and innovative strategies in data management, data governance, analytics, and AI.

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A Unique Confluence

DataNova transcends the typical conference format. We're cultivating an atmosphere where data comes alive through engaging presentations, entertainment, technical challenges, and, of course, finishing off with a celebratory drink to toast the day's achievements.

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Hands-On Innovation

At DataNova, we're setting the stage for an immersive learning journey, and this year, we're introducing two dynamic breakout rooms, tailored to deepen your understanding and engagement with the latest in data technology and solutions.


We will start with lunch at 11:30 and wrap up with drinks at the bar from 17:00

Registration and lunch

A huge warm welcome from the TimeXtender team! We're looking forward to an exciting afternoon with you all.

Timextender Keynote
Terje Vatle, Product Marketing Strategist, TimeXtender

Why Data Warehouse & TX/Exmon?

Join Terje as he delve into the transformative power of Data Warehouses and explore the unique advantages of TimeXtender and Exmon in streamlining data management. Discover how these tools can dramatically accelerate the construction of a robust data infrastructure, enabling faster, more efficient decision-making processes for businesses of all sizes

Microsoft Keynote
Christian Ømand, Partner Solution Architect

Discover what AI can do for you in Microsoft Fabric

Tour Microsoft Fabric AI across experiences - from the productivity enhancing Copilot, over quick insights in Power BI to building machine learning models with data science. 


Let's have a break and network

KPMG Keynote
Mads Galatius, Head of Data and Analytics

Stop Bad Data

Let's KPMG lead you through the transformative shift in data management—from the vast oceans of big data to the precise targeting of smart data. Today, we focus on data that excels in relevance, accuracy, and context, ensuring every byte drives strategic decisions. Join us as we explore a future where data is not just big, but intelligently smart, shaping the way we harness information in the digital age.

Customer speaker - Atea
Dan Westfall Holch Rosenkilde, Head of Business Intelligence

TimeXtender Journey

From an expensive solution with external consultants, to a solution where we ourselves are in control, and can respond more quickly to inquiries from the business.

TimeXtender Data Quality
Melanie Schneider, Solution Specialis, TimeXtender

Unlocking Business Potential

Exploring Customer Stories, Value Propositions, and Enhanced Experiences from TimeXtender Data Quality.

Join us to explore how TimeXtender Data Quality establishes trust in data and enhances the accuracy of reports through real-world customer stories, highlighting diverse use cases and business benefits. Discover actionable strategies for healthy data management that streamline operations and optimize decision-making. See how this solution revolutionizes industries, empowering businesses to excel in today's dynamic market.

TimeXtender’s Holistic Data Suite
Trine Stuhr and Melanie Schneider, Solution Specialists, TimeXtender

Discover the Power of Streamlined Data Management

Melanie and Trine will share an insightful demonstration of how TimeXtender and Exmon integrate into TimeXtender’s Holitsic Data Suite to revolutionize your data infrastructure. Witness firsthand the synergy between these tools, enhancing your ability to manage, model, and mobilize data with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Leave empowered with practical insights on automating and accelerating your data processes, ready to drive your organization towards more informed decisions and strategic agility.


Coffee Break

Breakout Rooms

Breakout room 1: Deep dive and Q&A in TimeXtender Master Data Management, Data Quality and Orchestration

Breakout room 2: Deep dive and Q&A in TimeXtender Data Integration

17:15 - 19:00
Get Social

Didn't you get a chance to talk to everyone during the breaks? Stick around for the afterwork with some beer, whine and some snacks and great company!


19 Sept 2024, 11:30-19:00 | Vandværket, København

The event is for free but a "no-show" without a cancellation will cost 500 kr 



19 September, 11.30-19.00

Rabarbervej 2, 2400 København, Danmark