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      2 min read

      Implementation of an Innovative Data Warehouse Solution with TimeXtender

      Featured Image

      E-mergo, specialist in business intelligence and TimeXtender® supplier, has implemented an innovative data warehouse solution at VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoedontwikkeling (BVGO). After E-mergo demonstrated the value of the TimeXtender® during a Proof of Concept (POC), it was decided to deploy the software solution. The solution was fully operational within days.


      VolkerWessels BVGO previously worked with in-house developed ETLs to load data from Microsoft NAV (Navision 4PS Construct) into its data warehouse. The organisation was confronted with long development times and long resolution times when errors occurred. In addition to this it was difficult to guarantee the quality of the data as everything was programmed in the ETL. Last but not least, it was very consuming to connect new sources and new NAV versions to the data warehouse.

      All this was reason to investigate new, modern data warehouse solutions. BVGO embarked on a research journey that successfully ended when E-mergo presented TimeXtender®, an innovative data warehouse solution.

      Proof of Concept with TimeXtender®

      Following the introduction of TimeXtender®, E-mergo offered a Proof Of Concept (POC) that allowed E-mergo to prove the value of TimeXtender® in a business environment, using BVGO’s own data. Unlocking BVGO’s multiple Microsoft NAV 4PS Construct versions in TimeXtender® was a great success. Within a few days, multiple versions of NAV 4PS Construct were unlocked using the innovative data management platform. Being able to handle the different NAV versions using TimeXtender’s powerful NAV adapter saved a tremendous amount of time. Modelling instead of programming provides a much better overview of what happens in the processes. Changes due to the implementation of an additional version of NAV are now synchronized automatically.



      TimeXtender® automatically writes scripts to load data into the data warehouse. This is done in a very smart way, whereby the execution of the script is continuously optimized with the help of Machine Learning. In addition, everything is automatically documented, which improves the quality of the documentation and saves time as previously this had to be done manually. The documentation also provides fantastic insights into data lineage, the transformation journey of the data over time, tracking the origin, movements, characteristics and quality. This improves the overall quality of the data warehouse..


      Within a few days, multiple versions of NAV 4PS
      Construct were unlocked using this innovative data
      management platform.


      Future Proof Solution

      After the full deployment, working in different NAV versions will no longer cause headaches. And by automating the entire process with TimeXtender® BVGO will save a lot of time, today and in the future. After all, traditional data warehouses are not automated and must be maintained with manual SSIS scripts: a costly, time consuming process that is prone to error, especially for larger companies with many data sources. So for BVGO – and other companies implementing TimeXtender® it’s actually a double win: data management becomes more efficient, and the quality of data warehouses will significantly improve as manual, repetitive processes become fully automated.

      About E-mergo
      E-mergo is Qlik Elite Solution Provider, TimeXtender Partner of the Year (2019&2020), Microsoft Gold Partner and Mendix partner.

      The company is certified in accordance with national and international standards such ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 4400-1. Working from the motto ‘Manage your data, innovate your business’ E-mergo helps you to get maximum value from your data.

      They do this using software from Qlik, Mendix, Microsoft and TimeXtender, for which they deliver software, consultancy and support. Using these tools, E-mergo helps your company to create new business models and to reduce costs.

      For more information visit www.e-mergo.nl.