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How Dacapo uses critical data to grow and expand.

How Dacapo uses critical data to grow and expand.

Dacapo is a world leading provider of stainless steel, with warehouses in two countries, 150 employees and a yearly turnover of €130 million.

A company of this size and complexity needs full transparency of it’s critical business data in order to stay the frontrunner of the stainless steel industry - and always be “easy to do business with”. 


Dacapo was founded in 2003 in Denmark and through its focus on great customer service and staying the frontrunner through data-driven digitalisation efforts the company hit a € 130 million turnover milestone in 2020. The crucial business data insights brought by TimeXtender and Atlytix are critical for the success of Dacapo. 


In 2008, Dacapo expanded its business to include a warehouse in The Netherlands adding to the warehouse already established in Denmark. Along with the expansion came a more complex business set-up and more data that needed to be extracted, tracked and loaded.  


We implemented TimeXtender in 2008 in order to get a better overview of the business and we have not looked back since, always staying on top of the vast digitalisation opportunities. Not just in order to be cost-effective but especially in order to be the best vendor of stainless steel in the market,” explains Simon Brøsted Nielsen, Business Development Manager at Dacapo.


Dacapo’s promise to their customers is: “we are easy to do business with”, and to keep this promise they provide their customers with a truly seamless customer experience with full transparency and access to their data - whether the customer talks with a Dacapo consultant in person or shop online, they can get all relevant information about their transactions and buying history in real time.

The customers can even drag-and-drop their order sheet directly into Dacapo’s website and the order is placed in seconds. Easy.


Data-empowered insights supporting the entire business


Simon continues: We have access to an enormous amount of data from all areas of the business - in fact, wherever data can potentially be used or tracked, we extract it and use it for insights and decision making. But all this data would not be half as useful and business critical without TimeXtender and Atlytix.” 


TimeXtender provides Dacapo with an automated Data Estate Builder that empowers them to build a Modern Data Estate that seamlessly prepares all Dacapo’s data for analysis, supporting them to make data-empowered decisions and grow the business year after year. 


“The extracted data is not only used in numerous reports by management and finance but throughout the whole company. We have TV screens located in our sales- and customer departments and in our warehouses to visualise real-time data so everyone in the company is updated, and has the correct insights to make the best business decisions for their job function. The transparency TimeXtender creates is truly key for our business success,” explains Simon and finishes: 


“We do not make a single business decision without first looking at the data.”


Agile and professional delivery from Atlytix 


Agility and continuous optimisation is important for Dacapo, which is why they are pleased to collaborate with the it-consultancy Atlytix. Atlytix is one of Europe’s leading experts in TimeXtender and in developing automation of analytics for reports and dashboards. 


Jesper Christensen, CFO at Dacapo, tells:


“We are constantly looking into optimising our business and improving how we do business with our customers. In this regard, our TimeXtender consultant and specialist from Atlytix, is indispensable. When we get a new idea on how to combine, extract and automate, Atlytix just needs a day or two to set it up in TimeXtender and we are ready.

Without the flexibility of the platform and the expert knowledge from Atlytix, such tasks could easily take a month or two.”


When asked if Jesper would recommend TimeXtender and Atlytix, he responds: 


“I would definitely recommend TimeXtender and Atlytix to other businesses as you get an agile solution and very insightful reports. We will continue to use both while expanding and growing Dacapo in the future.”