Patties Foods preps for its future with TimeXtender and Microsoft Azure

Patties Foods preps for market expansion with a faster, more flexible BI platform

Patties Foods has a commanding lead in the Australian packaged pastry market, but as it set its sights on a more diversified product offering, the company needed faster, more flexible, more cost-effective business intelligence. By using Microsoft Azure data services with the support of TimeXtender, the company has the foundations of a world-class data warehouse. With its newly built capacity to turn information into decision-making power, Patties Foods is now equipped to use insights to continue growing with confidence.

“We operate in a fast-paced environment. As we expand, our BI technologies need to adapt to meet new challenges and opportunities. With Azure and TimeXtender, we’re ready for anything that comes our way.”

Tam Ta: BI Analytics Lead

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