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Use Azure Data Factory to Ingest On-Premises Data

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TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 4


This topic in our series will cover using Azure Data Factory (ADF) to ingest on-premise data to the ODX Storage (ADLS Gen2). If you'd like to review the previous steps so you can follow along, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on YouTube.

If you have a on-premise data and need to push it to your data lake, Azure Data Factory's Self-Hosted Integration Runtime (IR) is a recommended way to do exactly that. Joseph Treadwell will walk-through the process of setting up the ADF resource and Self-Hosted IR and then ingest data to the data lake, ODX Storage.

  1. Create an Azure Data Factory resource (ADF)
  2. Enable App Registration to access ADF resource
  3. Setup Self-Hosted Integration Runtime (IR) for On-Premise data
  4. Add on-premise data source to ODX Storage

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