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Why TimeXtender?

Every day we work to make the complex simple, to automate all that can be and to execute on what matters most.

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Our core purpose is to empower the world with data, mind, and heart.

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We believe the “we are what we give” and that “people do business with people”.

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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

Build A Data Lake in 10 Minutes or Less

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TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 32

Join our expert solutions specialist, Stefan Ahlbom for an exciting episode of TimeXtender Tuesdays where he will show you how to you can build a data lake in 10 minutes or less!

Watch as he demonstrates how to connect one of over 250 available data sources using a SQL Database connector, map that to an ODX using a transfer task, and how to set up an incremental load and a scheduler for bringing in the data. 

If you'd like to review previous TimeXtender Tuesdays sessions, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on YouTube.

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