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International Women's Day, a homage and a celebration

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On International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the women that work at TimeXtender and all over the world.

Among the Xpeople, we have an ‘eXtraordinary’ group of women that relentlessly drive our business forward.

Today we celebrate the mavericks who have decided to join a cause, a bold purpose not for the fainted heart.

We strongly believe that “empowering the world with data, mind, and heart” is a mission that requires cognitive diversity, diversity, and inclusion.

These beliefs are built-in our culture code and our DNA. Every year we strive to continue to overcome bias and barriers to understanding.

We are lucky to have employees in Germany, Denmark, UK, US, Netherlands, Sweden and Pakistan and as we are expanding rapidly.

We feel privileged to have ten nationalities represented in our Circles (teams) across nine time zones.

At TimeXtender, 30% of our staff are female. They work in various roles, including leadership positions, in line with the tech industry benchmark, as reported by Gartner.

But to be bold is to be truthful. We must do more in the tech industry.

At TimeXtender, we strive and ensure everyone in our organization can step into a leveled playfield with the same rights and opportunities. This is who we are.

We constantly implement changes to ensure a positive work environment where everyone can feel successful regardless of gender, creed, or country of origin.

To that end, TimeXtender has implemented a new parental leave policy offering a new parent to take up to 4 weeks of full paid leave before the expected birth/arrival of the child and 20 weeks of fully paid leave after birth/arrival of the child.

TimeXtender believes that no parent should be forced to choose between their job and caring for their family.

Regardless of gender or the mean by which you become a parent, anyone at TimeXtender who is in the fortunate situation of family expansion can take parental leave, and we expect you to take the time you need with your new baby.

We want to ensure that our core DNA allows our employees to live the best life and work based on output, not hours.

Today 8th March 2022, International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate each of the women we have the honor to work with. We asked Anne, our Chief of DNA & Culture for her perspective on International women's day:


'The most harmonious workplaces accommodate and thrive when all genders, cultures, and nationalities are equally welcome.

It is a conscious decision to make this a part of company culture. If balance is the goal, then gender balance in the workplace is a means to achieve that goal.

I am firmly convinced that we will achieve this goal if we accept differences without prejudice.

Like society, the workplace needs diversity and inclusion.

Today is International Women's Day, so let us celebrate all the wonderful women out there and invite more women, more female energy, to bring perspectives to the tech workforce. Just imagine what the world can achieve...' Anne Krog Iversen, Chief of DNA & Culture @ TimeXtender.


Thank you all; let’s make the world a better, more progressive, and inclusive place. With data, mind, and heart. Because Time Matters.

  1. Anne Krog Iversen – Chief DNA & Culture Officer
  2. Anne Dorthe Kloster – Chief of Staff
  3. Ashley Johnson – Inbound Marketing Specialist
  4. Carla Pasco – Developer
  5. Dorka Fabo – Multimedia Designer
  6. Heidi Godiksen – Process Improvement Lead
  7. Julie Bonkel Dall – Talent Acquisition Specialist
  8. Kirsten Rix Olsen – Accountant
  9. Line Sakstrup – Head of Xpeople Growth & Purpose
  10. Majken Christensen – Accountant
  11. Marie-Louise Dybdahl – IT Specialist
  12. Sarah Canning – Partner Marketing Manager
  13. Susan Pessemier – Alliance Director
  14. Sygne Gry Brandslund – Office Worker
  15. Trine Stuhr – BI Lead
  16. Victoria King – People Administrator


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