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Embracing “Work from Anywhere”

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The pandemic – or at least the changes forced on office-based workers by the pandemic – has caused many organizations to realize that most office workers are just as productive working remote as they are when working in an office. Many high-tech companies have announced plans to allow most or all employees to work from home or work remotely - permanently. This notion of “work from anywhere” is gaining traction in many industries and is being fully embraced by TimeXtender.

It is important to note that “work from anywhere” does have some limitations. But the primary limitation isn’t about the location of the worker – it is the time zone(s) of teammates, partners and customers. For instance, our own Taylor Hagin has written two blogs about working remotely in Africa and Asia. (post 1, post 2) The only real limitation is that he is supporting a team on the west coast of the United States – so he needs to work west coast hours – regardless of his location.

Given TimeXtender’s adoption of work from anywhere, I decided a few months ago to leave the Seattle area and move to “the middle of nowhere” in Colorado. There is an airport – so I can still travel whenever I need to (after I am fully vaccinated and offices start to reopen) – but it is a long drive to a major city.

After three months in my new location, I can report that my productivity and ability to get things done has not changed. I am probably working an extra hour or two a week because I have no commute, but it doesn’t feel like I am working any more. I stay in touch with my team (scattered around the globe) using the same tools we used when we were in the office – email, IM, voice and video conferencing, project tools, etc.

This has given me the confidence to post our first position in the US where the location is “Remote.” I just want someone to work within a couple time zones of my location – so we can collaborate frequently.

Overall, my move and working remote (as in a remote location!) has been a great experience. Given that TimeXtender is a global team and we collaborate with each other, partners and customers around the world – work from anywhere just makes sense. I appreciate working for an employer who is willing to adopt this model and adjust to new work options.

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