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We Are Data: Daniel Verbrugge, Senior BI Consultant at Bitmetric

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I’m on a journey to understand the trends around big data, machine learning, ai, and to be honest, anything that is data-related.


Why? Because I’m curious, because I want to learn, and because I think this industry is fascinating but is so vast that it is difficult to grasp everything going on in the market. I suppose I’m trying, interview by interview, blog by blog, article by article to make sense of it all.


To do that, I’m lucky to talk to incredibly talented individuals that are moving the needle using data, mind, and heart.


This time around, I had the pleasure to interview Daniel Verbrugge a Senior Business Intelligence consultant at Bitmetric, who is super hooked on using data for the betterment of society. He also happens to know a thing or two about (recording) music!


Bitmetric is a Data Consulting firm based in Hoofddorp, specializing in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Literacy. They have one critical mission: to help their clients grow in the field of Data and Analytics. For this, they use user-friendly technologies that clarify complex issues and training people in the subtle arts of Data Literacy


One of those technologies happens to be TimeXtender, as Bitmetric has been a TimeXtender partner since 2018, which of course was the trigger for this interview, but not necessarily the core of it.


With that said, the more I talk to our partners and TimeXtender connoisseurs, the more I realize that TimeXtender Partners are a different breed. While they care – sincerely – about data and their data practice, they seem to care even more about how to save and optimize for time and effort for them and for their clients.


That in itself is a weird thing, consulting, after all, is based on the hours of work you can bill your client, but our partners seem to have a different opinion about that, but I digress and I’m spoiling the surprise.

One of my favorite quotes from this interview: 


"If the world had access to full data transparency, many things will be solved."


Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here is the interview with Daniel, thanks a ton by the way I had so much fun!

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