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TimeXtender CEO, Heine Krog Iversen, Speaker at Internet Week Denmark

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We are extremely excited about contributing to the tech ecosystem through our partnership with Internet Week Denmark for their upcoming virtual conference in May 2021.

About Internet Week Denmark


IWDK (Internet Week Denmark) started as an idea in 2013: A festival celebrating the Internet. It has evolved every year since then and today, they are focusing on where technology is taking us.

With a six-day digital festival, and more than 10,000 participating guests the event is designed to ‘put people first in the digital age’ and discuss our digital future.

The virtual experience will include, among other things, content from a number of “summits” in which international and Danish experts will discuss developments related to today’s most tech-relevant questions.

As part of our core purpose and being a global organization born in Denmark, we are delighted to partner with IWDK and host a keynote on the Big Ideas Stage.


Why should you attend this keynote?


TimeXtender’s core purpose is to empower every person in every organization on the planet with instant access to data, for any use case they might have. Thus, enabling them to achieve more and make quality decisions with data, mind, and heart.

On that note, TimeXtender’s CEO, Heine Krog Iversen, will walk us through the future of data, data compliance, and trust. Heine will unveil how companies can enable a new organizational paradigm by taking key steps to restore trust among citizens and corporations using sustainable business practices, transparency, and accountability.  

Heine's keynote will take place on Friday 7th May at 9:00 am CET. 

You can watch a recording of Heine's keynote here. We are looking forward to this discussion and hope you are, too. See you there!

IWDK21 Big Ideas Stage


2 min read

We are data: Interviewing Rory Smith, Managing consultant at E-mergo

1 min read

The State of Data Automation: An Interview with Carsten Bange

3 min read

We are data: Ted Clark, Founder at Adventag