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Free Webinar: Top Three Data Management Automation Opportunities

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You’re CEO of your company, doing your weekly “management by walking around” tour through various departments in your corporation, and you take note that everyone is working very hard: analyzing business reports, mapping out financial spreadsheets, and crafting new marketing material. While going about your walk-through you stop and think about all the various types of data that your company actually possesses. You realize that the amount of data residing within your organization is quite impressive.

After you complete your visit with various employees, you transition over to a meeting with members of your executive team. During the discussion, the COO and CFO begin to go back and forth about projected operational costs for the coming fiscal year and have various ideas on what the actual number will be for direct expenses related to general and administrative costs. As you sit back and listen to this conversation, you think back about your walk around and begin to wonder if your organization really has a good handle on all of its data. You call for a meeting with the CIO.

Your CIO informs you that your ERP and data warehouse are dated and cumbersome. He explains that he is also concerned that the organization has become too “siloed” with discrete departmental data. The two of you come to the realization that your enterprise data management platform is outdated and you need a plan to modernize.

You’re not alone. This scenario is quite common in today’s business world. The good news is the solution to upgrade and modernize is easier than you might think.

From data ingestion to data modeling and governance, more and more organizations are turning to automation to accelerate and improve their data management and analytics processes. This objective becomes even more paramount as data environments are expanding in size, complexity and importance, while IT staff sizes remain relatively flat although their responsibilities continue to escalate given outdated systems and processes for managing data. When you combine this problem with the fact that business management and professionals now require instant access to actionable insights a must in today’s business world, well, you have a big challenge on your hands.

With this objective in mind, Database Trends & Applications Magazine (DBTA) will host and moderate a FREE webinar on September 21st titled, “Top Three Data Management Automation Opportunities.” We will have executives from the TimeXtender team as lead speakers in the webinar.

Data management automation is transforming the way businesses of all sizes across any industry are building, deploying and managing their data platforms and data estates. The moderator of this upcoming event shared some thoughts about the opportunities businesses have to modernize with data management automation.

“Automation has become an essential component of modern data strategies and will continue to grow in prevalence as enterprises rethink traditional processes with a view towards increasing speed, agility and business insight,” according to Stephen Faig, Director of DBTA and Unisphere Research. “Therefore, it’s essential for both IT leaders and practitioners to understand the opportunities and challenges alongside emerging best practices and technology approaches.”

In this free webinar, you will learn the following to help you upgrade your business operations:

  • How automated code generation can save time and help reduce data request backlogs
  • How intelligent orchestration gets analytics data to users faster
  • How to support data discovery and governance with automated generation of documentation of your analytics data

Register now to attend this Top Three Data Management Automation Opportunities webinar and learn what key areas are ripe for automation, along with supporting technologies and emerging best practices.

Don't miss this new event on Tuesday, September 21st, 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT. This one hour program will also include a lively Q&A session for attendees to ask their specific questions.

Reserve your seat today by clicking here.

P.S. We are pleased to share that TimeXtender won the Silver Stevie Award® in the 2021 International Business Awards® for Company of the Year, Computer Software, Small.

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