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TimeXtender for BI & Data ANALYSTS


BI and Data analysts, those brave souls, fearlessly navigating numbers, charts, and graphs, sometimes finding themselves lost in the maze of spreadsheets. Why make the move to TimeXtender? Data automation allows you to get access to data quickly, empowering you to build powerful data models tailored to your choice of visualization tool.

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5 Ways TimeXtender Helps BI & Data ANALYSTS

Deliver Actionable Insights Faster 

Build an agile data infrastructure for analytics and AI in the fastest, most efficient way possible. 

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Drag & Drop Interface

Our integrated interface empowers you with drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating the burden of manual coding.

Update Endpoints

Change or update endpoints quickly and easily to adapt to changes

Data lineage

TimeXtender provides visual data lineage, impact analysis, and data quality rules & and alerts so you can quickly fix any issues

250+ data sources

Connect to 250+ data sources to analyze trends in data from everywhere in your organization

Deliver data

Deliver data the way you prefer: PowerBI, Qlik, .csv, Tableau, etc.

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"Great tool that allows analysts and developers alike to build out fully functional data pipelines. Very user-friendly for technical and non-technical users. The ability to tag attributes and generate lineage documentation is fantastic."


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