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Why TimeXtender?

Every day we work to make the complex simple, to automate all that can be and to execute on what matters most.

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Our core purpose is to empower the world with data, mind, and heart.

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TimeXtender for BI & Analytics Professionals

Prepare Your Data for Analytics & AI Faster

Our low-code technology automates tedious data preparation tasks & frees you to focus on higher-impact analytics projects

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Empower Your Organization with Actionable Insights 

Break down data silos, get a 360-view of all your company's data & empower your teams with a single, reliable "source of truth"


Self-Service Analytics 

TimeXtender’s simple, drag-and-drop interface and Semantic Layer allow for fast creation & modification of data products. 


Connects to Any Data Source 

Connects to 250+ data sources & allows custom connectors for proprietary sources. 


Deploy to Visualization Tools

Quickly deliver clean, reliable data to your choice of visualization tools (such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau) to generate graphs, dashboards & reports. 


5 Ways TimeXtender Helps BI & Analytics Professionals Deliver Actionable Insights Faster 


Drag-and-Drop Interface

TimeXtender empowers you to quickly integrate your siloed data into a data lake, model your data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple BI tools & endpoints – all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface.


Low-Code Simplicity

TimeXtender automatically generates T-SQL code for data cleansing, transformation & validation – easily create data products that can be deployed to multiple visualization tools (such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau), without writing a single line of code.

Don’t worry! Powerful developer tools, SQL scripting, and custom coding capabilities are still available, if needed.


Easily Transfer Data Between Multiple Environments

Because TimeXtender writes your code, you can easily move from Development to Test to Production, even if they are on different Microsoft Data Platforms.


Automatically Generate Project Documentation

TimeXtender automatically generates full, end-to-end documentation of your entire data estate – ensure users that their data is complete, accurate & reliable.


Data Lineage, Impact Analysis & Data Quality Alerts

TimeXtender provides visual data lineage, impact analysis, and data quality rules & alerts so you can quickly fix any issues that might arise.


"As a partner implementing TimeXtender for our customers (in all kinds of industries) and educate our customers to use TimeXtender, it's the level of automation we like the most. It allows us to develop a data warehouse much faster."

Bas H
BI Consultant, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

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