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TX2014 Data Warehouse Automation Platform

Data Warehouse Automation

TX2014 is one of the world’s leading Data Warehouse Automation platforms. With TX2014, you build your data warehouse in a drag and drop environment and let the software generate the code.

The platform gives you proven benefits:

  • Faster development
  • Intelligent execution
  • Automated documentation
  • And much more…
TX Financials - Predictive Financials

CPM Automation

Revolutionize consolidation, budgeting and forecasting with Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Automation. TX Financials simplifies budget follow-up and makes forecasting easier and more precise with a financial data warehouse.

Discover the features of TX Financials:

  • Budget reporting workflow
  • Budget forecasting automation
  • Microsoft Excel interface
  • Built on the solid TX2014 Data Warehouse Automation platform.

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