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TimeXtender and Exmon: a Brand New Technology Partnership

TimeXtender and Exmon: a Brand New Technology Partnership

At TimeXtender we are pleased to announce our latest strategic technology partnership with Exmon, an expert and leading provider of data governance and master data management solutions.

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This partnership aims to make the complex data environment that businesses deal with daily, easier to manage, focusing on data accuracy, governance, and efficient operations.

Exmon’s “fit-for-purpose" tools and value propositions aim to significantly elevate the quality and trust in data for thousands of businesses, spanning across various scales, geographies and sectors.


Exmon's Expertise

Exmon’s ethos is rooted in enabling data-driven business operations bolstered by trustworthy data.

The array of solutions provided by Exmon encompasses exceptional data management and governance, continuous monitoring, and process orchestration.

Through its platform, Exmon guarantees data accuracy before any inter-system transfer or sharing occurs, thereby fostering a culture of regulatory compliance and greater control over data assets for its users​.


Maximizing Business Impact: The Combined Value of Both Technologies

This partnership heralds a new era where TimeXtender’s automation-centric data integration synergizes with Exmon’s stringent data governance and master data management solutions, making Exmon our preferred and recommended solution for customers looking to take control of their data quality and master data.

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO at TimeXtender, has expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating:

“Our partnership with Exmon helps customers achieve their objective of streamlining data management while ensuring accuracy and accessibility.In short, any existing partner or customer with a need in this area should talk to Exmon with our blessing! This partnership is a testament to TimeXtender's commitment to empowering data-driven businesses with Data, Mind and Heart.”


As businesses increasingly pivot towards data-driven decision-making, this technology alliance emerges as a beacon of simplified yet comprehensive data management and governance solutions.

In the words of Gunnar Steinn Magnusson, CEO of Exmon:

"As the digital landscape evolves, so does the complexity of data management.Our alliance with TimeXtender is evidence of our shared vision of simplifying this complexity, ensuring businesses access clean, trustworthy, and actionable data for improved operational efficiency.”


Today, more than ever, businesses need an agile way to approach their data, its governance, and the speed of delivery of insights to make accurate and informed decisions.


In Conclusion

For us, at TimeXtender, this partnership with Exmon it’s a monumental stride towards empowering organizations to fully harness the potential of their data.

Ultimately, this unique partnership aims to help customers automate and simplify data management for businesses, helping them succeed in today's digital economy with a strong focus on data governance, data quality and compliance. We can’t wait to get started.


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To mark this milestone, we invite our partners, customers, and data professionals to register for a live demo showcasing how our combined solutions can usher their business into a new era of trustworthy, accessible, and comprehensive insights.

Join the Webinar: Fast Track to Success - TimeXtender & Exmon

Join Stefan Ahlbom, Solution Specialist at TimeXtender, and Gunnar Steinn, CEO at Exmon, for an in-depth discussion on deploying TimeXtender's holistic data integration solution and Exmon's capabilities to optimize your Data Governance initiatives.


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