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Atea Sweden forms new partnership with TimeXtender

Atea Sweden forms new partnership with TimeXtender

We welcome Atea Sweden to the TimeXtender partner ecosystem. Atea Sweden joins 200+ partners worldwide. This partnership strenghtens TimeXtender presence in the Baltics and the Nordics. 

"Organizations such as Atea are very familiar with businesses struggling to manage the ever-increasing number of data sources flowing into their company,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender. “This partnership with Atea provides them with a single, integrated, governed Data Estate Builder that will help their customers manage their enterprise-wide data, and accelerate their time to data insights by up to 10 times faster, while analyzing data in the tool of their choice. We look forward to working with Atea.”  

About Atea Sweden

Atea Sweden has a comprehensive range of products and services to help their customers with the entire chain - from design, development and product supply to deployment and maintenance. By creating a world-class IT infrastructure, Atea is helping to lay the foundations for a smarter and more innovative Sweden.

Atea is located in seven countries in the Nordic and Baltic countries, has approximately 6,900 employees and are market leaders in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Atea is the second largest IT infrastructure provider in Europe. The Group had sales of just over NOK 32.4 billion in 2017 and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

In Sweden, Atea has 2,400 employees distributed in about thirty locations from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. About 1400 employees are consultants.

Here is what Johan and Victor had to said about our newly formed partnership. 

TimeXtender: What customer challenges are you aiming to solve with TimeXtender?

Johan Ripgården, Concept Manager - Analytics @ Atea Sweden: "The technical development within analytics have been dramatic during recent years. But, the development of organizations' analytics competence have fallen behind, leaving lots of potential unharvested.

One of the key challenges is still the process of accessing and maintaining data. We believe that TimeXtender can play a major role for us helping our customers to face this data management challenge."

How do you think TimeXtender fits into Atea's BI practice?

Victor Johansson, senior BI specialist at Atea Sweden: "TimeXtender is the natural choice for us when it comes to data management. Since Atea takes the role as both technical and strategic partner with our clients in developing and maintaining efficient data platforms, the approach must be long-term and result oriented.

Aspects such as development efficiency, flexibility, documentation/data lineage, consultant-independence and technical support are key factors. Instead of focusing too much on technical details we can start to generate business insights already from the early stages of a project.

The fact that TX covers the whole stack, from source system connectors to the semantic model and endpoints, makes it easy to maintain the whole data flow and business logic from one interface over time."

Once again, thank you and welcome to the TimeXtender Partner Ecosystem, we are excited about working together. 

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