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TimeXtender is intuitive and clear

TimeXtender is intuitive and clear

Yulius is a mental health care organisation offering psychological support to adults and young people. When they were changing to a new electronic patient records system, Yulius started looking for a more user-friendly data warehouse. They made the move to TimeXtender: “A new colleague with minimal technical knowledge was able to work with TimeXtender within two weeks”.

Yulius has 40 locations between Rotterdam and Nijmegen. As well as health care facilities, the Yulius group also has fourteen special education schools. With that number of locations, as well as the various flows of funding, this naturally creates a mountain of data. For Yulius, the most important source for this data is the electronic patient records. “Our department depends on that system for about eighty percent,” says Marco Noordam, team leader for the Information Management department at Yulius. “It offers us financial insights, records the number of registered stays, what is being invoiced and how clients move throughout the organisation. For example, it tells us what they are waiting for.” 


“It’s intuitive and clear. “When a new colleague joined our department with minimal technical knowledge, they were able to work with it within two weeks. [...]”

Marco Noordam - Teamleader Information Management


Yulius moved to the new electronic patient records system in the summer of 2021. Marco and his  colleagues were anticipating an enormous amount of work to convert everything from the data warehouse they had built themselves and had been using up till that point. “That’s why we went looking for a programme that could make that transition really fast.” This became TimeXtender. “An additional advantage is that we can now very easily see which sources are being used in which reports. You only need to click on a field to see where it is being used. This is really useful for internal departments such as Control and Healthcare Administration. TimeXtender also allowed us to build handy dashboards for our health care professionals really quickly.”

What’s TimeXtender’s greatest advantage? “It’s intuitive and clear”, is Marco’s immediate response. “When a new colleague joined our department with minimal technical knowledge, they were able to work with it within two weeks. That used to be really different. It would take a long time before I was able to transfer knowledge about the data warehouse to other staff. In addition, everyone keeps the same agreements in TimeXtender, which is good for consistency. Data consistency is very important, especially in healthcare. TimeXtender has no differences between the environment that you are developing in and the operational environment. That means you can never forget to implement layers. You can refresh at any time of day as well, while everything else keeps going, so you have more up-to-data information.” Whenever Yulius doesn’t have enough staff available, he calls E-mergo. “There is always someone quickly available to help out and develop a new application. That’s really handy at our peak times. It’s always easy to get hold of them, they help us create solutions and are available at short notice. There’s always a lot of time pressure in the healthcare sector. That’s even with a faster system like TimeXtender, where the speed of development is already very fast. It’s great to have such professional consultants readily to hand to help us continue developing.”

Continual development
TimeXtender is now fully operational at Yulius. ”We only have to create a number of reports and then we will be just as far as we were before the implementation,” explains Marco. “And then we can continue to develop further, of course. In our organisation, we deal with different financers, the local councils and health insurance companies. Our next step is to collect all the contractual and registered agreements in one place. The product doesn’t stand still and E-mergo is really helping us with our continued development. Their consultants think in terms of solutions. That’s also a really big plus point of working with TimeXtender for us.”


Solution overview

Company Yulius
Industry Healthcare

• A lot of data available from their electronic patient records
• A need for an automated data warehouse Solution
• TimeXtender data warehouse

• Intuitive and clear
• User-friendly datawarehouse
• Consistent data TimeXtender


About E-mergo

The name E-mergo is derived from the Latin proverb ‘Luctor et emergo’ (I struggle and emerge). In Zeeland this signifies winning the battle against water. Obviously, we do not battle water, but we do make sure that companies keep their heads above water in the growing stream of data. Working from the motto ‘Manage your data, innovate your business’ we help you to get the most out of your data.

We do this using software from Qlik, Microsoft, Mendix and TimeXtender, for which we provide software, training, consultancy and support. Together we will help your company to create new business models and to reduce costs.

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