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TimeXtender gives Mee-Vivenz a solid foundation to connect all data

TimeXtender gives Mee-Vivenz a solid foundation to connect all data

In January 1, 2020, two large organizations in the social domain in the Netherlands, MEE Plus and Vivenz, merged. Since that day, MEE-Vivenz is the central point of contact for individuals in need of social services in 31 Dutch municipalities. The powerful organization MEE-Vivenz is committed to improve the lives of people in several areas, including poverty, upbringing, youth work, long-term care, loneliness of the elderly and behavioural problems. To realise this it’s important that data can flow freely between the merged organisations.


Multiple systems for finance and HR, and an array of systems for time registration, health and safety and client tracking. If none of them are connected, how do you stay on top of this pile of information? “Our traditional data warehouse was no longer suitable to manage the extensive data from applications such as Exact Globe, Exact Online, Exact Synergy, Loket and Regas. It took us a lot of time and resources to generate good reports,” says Ralph Ebbers, Business Analist at MEEVivenz. “In addition to this, since we didn’t avail over reliable data, we lacked control, especially in the field of finance. In 2019 we worked hard on the consolidation of the enterprise systems from the two organizations, and to this end we wanted to deploy a data & analytics solution that would prepare us for the future, while retaining the data from the past.”


To ensure the organisation can surface important performance insights, the data analytics experts from 2Foqus recommended MEE-Vivenz to deploy the robust and user data management platform from TimeXtender, in combination with Qlik Sense for data visualisation. “We now avail over a solid foundation to connect data from any source system, in both organizations,” says Ralph Ebbers of MEE-Vivenz. “What’s important, is that we can still use our historical data and that we are able to easily trace from which source system a data record originates. And with Qlik Sense on top of TimeXtender for data visualisation, we avail over easy-to-use dashboards to measure our performance, for all disciplines, and fantastic reporting.”


  • TimeXtender ensures uniformity: the organization now works according to unambiguous agreements and systems, in which data from different data sources is retained.
  • Easily retrieve documented, transferable and GDPR-proof data, which improves accountability.
  • Less errors: with TimeXtender and Qlik Sense, fewer actions are required to gain deep performance insights.

Why 2Foqus

“As a user, you play an important role in determining how a system should work. This makes it important that you are heard. At the same time, it’s important that your supplier asks questions, to force you to take a closer look at your organization, your data flows and the business needs. Often, a lot more is possible than you think. Knowledge sharing is an important part of our partnership with 2Foqus: they learned from me, I learned from them. This resulted in an excellent solution, deployed seamlessly by the experts from 2Foqus. A wonderful result of a very pleasant project,” says Ralph Ebbers.

“Even though our organizations merged, we still avail over historical data to make comparisons. This provides MEE-Vivenz with a solid basis for policy and management decisions.”
Ralph Ebbers – Business Analist | MEE-Vivenz