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State-of-the-Art Cloud Based Data Management Platform

State-of-the-Art Cloud Based Data Management Platform

The customer, one of the top hospitals in the U.S., came to DataNeoShore looking for a way to accelerate their Tableau investment and model driven analysis to improve response times and service to patients. A combination of data from EPIC and 100+ vendors worth of recurring file feeds consumed via FTP and emailed data exchanges was incorporated into a single solution and an ETL orchestrated by TimeXtender and a Microsoft data warehouse architecture.


State-of-the-Art Cloud Based Data Management Platform

As actual data was considered, and the kinks were worked out, the working TimeXtender development environment became an invaluable tool for iterating on a list of changing requirements and identified needs as deficient from their prior reporting system. The solution delivered set the customer up to capture their data with row-by-row audit enabled, incremental processing and put them in a position to simply flip the switch to a full cloud infrastructure move for their future endeavors. Additionally, they were able to integrate legacy stored procedures from their prior projects. This allowed for them to maintain any procedures that were created prior to utilizing TimeXtender. They also were able to use TX view creation feature to create custom views reflective of table joins and appends that were requested in a timely manner.

Data models and the working environment incorporated the customer's need for user-by-user security rules, for both end reporting users as well as those with contractual limitations on those developing the tool. The outputted data and model generated proved an ability to generate Tableau importable models and a supporting data warehouse that laid the groundwork for the internal analysts to continue their data experience via Tableau visualization.

“By using TimeXtender we were able to implement a state-of-the-art data management platform in the cloud, in just a couple of weeks and take advantage of very high                levels of automation.”

Roberto Leiton, C.E.O. DataNeoShore.


Reporting and Data Transformation

Data loaded into the system exploited the use of a data lake approach for the customer. All data lived here and provided the first 100% collocated set of data for the hospital. Reporting and data transformation efforts then pulled exclusively from the ODX so report and analyst customizations along with performance considerations could be processed pre-Tableau reporting creation and analysis. The solution not only consumed data, but served as an engine to generate fully auditable and de-duped extracts to be sent to other vendor partners for analysis.


The Challenges

Some of challenges we faced were regarding EPIC limitations. As well as the copious amount of text files queues we had to upload. We figured out how to seamlessly be the text file consumption engine that had little to no standardization between various vendors. Streamlining this formerly manual intake process was a huge efficiency improvement for the customer. Furthermore, even though, those files were mostly .txt and .csv files, in some cases we had to troubleshot many of them because they came with formatting issues or strange characters. DataNeoShore was able to build the data model as well as establish a new streamlined set of tables and schedule them to run and be ready daily at the start of business. We trained the customer’s development and data analyst team with a modern approach to data. The customer can now develop and support their own data marts and warehouses. 


About Data Neo Shore

With more than 25 years of experience, our purpose is to flawlessly help teams accelerate their journey to Digital Transformation either through our solutions or by adding our talent and skills to their teams. We believe in generating synergy in global execution. Headquartered in Houston, TX and with our solutions center out of San Jose, Costa Rica, we are positioned to execute projects with minimal time difference and thus minimal disruption to the business. Our success is based on our talented team and our unique culture.