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Oslobygg bets heavily on BI project

Oslobygg bets heavily on BI project

Oslobygg KF is one of the country's largest builders and real estate players with approx. 2.7 million square meters of property and many exciting projects in the portfolio. Their task is to own, manage, build and develop public buildings, such as nursuries, schools, cultural buildings and so on.

With a goal of 500 active users, the BI project at Oslobygg is enormous. Learn how the solution has been developed with Power BI, Power Apps, and TimeXtender.

Great, accurate insights in investments, forecasts, and risk (to mention some) are essential in the work with the BI solution.

twoday has previously worked with oslobygg on developing their Business Intelligence solution. They rely heavily on BI, and the insight they get from BI is extremely valuable, so it is a huge investment area for them.

"What makes working with Oslobygg especially great is their ambitions, and wanting to make a difference by constantly improving"
Julie Wilberg, Senior Analytics- & BI Consultant, twoday Norway

Oslobygg KF has chosen to use TimeXtender to collect data in their data warehouse, and visualize the data in Power BI with a Power Apps integration.

In order to map out what the concrete needs in terms of insight and data were, workshops  were held with managers and directors in the 6 divisions in the company. In total, this was a list of 350 BI needs!

The needs were sorted and prioritized, and became 25 work packages that were carried out during 2022 and will still be worked on in 2023. The work packages include obtaining, collating and visualizing data in Power BI reports. The reports include financial reporting, invoice overview, reporting solutions for operating budget and project management, KPI dashboard, and reports for property operation and maintenance.

"A strategy implementation process has been carried out in Oslobygg to identify measures that will contribute to strategic goal achievement. Many of the measures are linked to establishing better databases and easier access to information. That is why the BI project is one of the most important projects at Oslobygg. It has already helped us reduce manual reporting, automated reporting processes and given us great insights.”
Sahdat Saleem Malik, senior business developer ICT at Oslobygg.

How the data has been collected
The work with TimeXtender started when the company was Undervisningsbygg, but when they, together with Kultur- og idrettbygg, and Omsorgbygg, became Oslobygg, the work continued. In TimeXtender, data is collected from all three companies. This means that they have all the data in one system, and they can see historical data from all three companies.

TimeXtender has been extremely useful for Oslobygg so far. Before, the data was written in R with thousands of lines of code. Now with TimeXtender, they have cleaned things up and now have a very clear solution. It is much more orderly, you are able to see where the data comes from, and it is easier to make changes.

Interactive reports in Power BI and Power Apps
It is important for Oslobygg to have interactive reports that can be updated quickly and easily. Therefore, the choice was Power BI with integrated Power Apps.

twoday has already created a first draft of new Power BI reports with integrated Power Apps, which speak to the data warehouse. All employees in Oslobygg have now received a Power BI license, and some of the reports are now accessible to all (which is approx. 550 people).

The advantage of Power Apps integrated with Power BI is that you can enter changes and notes directly into the report, and it will be updated immediately. By entering notes in the Power App, it is automatically visible in the Power BI report.

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