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Krak Exploits The Power Of Data With A Modern Data Estate Builder

Krak Exploits The Power Of Data With A Modern Data Estate Builder

"With our new Data Estate Builder, we can streamline our data to create a single version of the truth - helping us to make faster and more wellinformed business decisions." -  Preben Roed Skaksen, Chief Data Officer, Krak


  • Industry: Tech
  • Products: Online advertising and an online search engine
  • Employees: 130
  • Location: Nordic presence with HQ in Stockholm
  • Website:


  • Timeconsuming data analysis due to manual SQL coding
  • Lack of integration across different scripts
  • Data silos challenging the ambition to streamline the work with data across different markets and business areas
  • Increasing need to optimize and streamline documentation and GDPR compliance
  • An unexploited potential to use data strategically
  • The existing data setup does not offer the structure and speed needed to become a more data-driven business


TimeXtender's data estate builder enables Krak to make better business decisions by extracting data faster and more easily than previous solutions.


  • Alignment across markets to create a single version of the truth
  • More efficient and faster use of data enabling better business decisions
  • Easy migration of new markets or data sources when needed
  • Increased productivity with automation of manual tasks
  • Improved documentation and compliance


  • Proven expertise in new data management platforms
  • A trustworthy and experienced partner, challenging the status quo with a business-oriented focus
  • Multinational approach with local presence



Automate Your Work with Data

We have all heard the story about data as the new oil - floating around your business just waiting to be tapped. But only few companies have managed to actually build an environment that makes it possible to connect various data silos and then catalog, model, move and report on the full data lifecycle. Krak, part of Eniro, has managed to exploit the power of data with TimeXtender's data estate builder that is building upon their existing Salesforce CRM soloution.


Align Your Data at the Roundabout

With their new Data Estate Builder, Krak has streamlined its operations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The platform is like a roundabout. This means that all your data is coming together from various data silos to create a single version of the truth with all data being cleansed and enriched on the same platform.

“With our old setup, we spent too much time doing manual tasks, leaving minimal room for analyzing data and driving our business forward”, says Preben Roed Skaksen, Chief Data Officer at Krak, who goes on to elaborate on how the new platform adds value: “The fully automated drag-and-drop solution gives us better and faster access to data, which enables our employees and management to make better business decisions”


Meet the Latest Regulations

The new data platform not only makes it smoother and more efficient for Krak to put data into action. It also makes it easier to meet the increasing needs for compliance.

“Documentation and compliance, for example to GDPR, play a big role in all modern companies. Normally, this process is timeconsuming but with our new platform, the work is done automatically”, explains Preben Roed Skaksen.


Growing with NTT DATA Business Solutions

Krak’s implementation of a new Data Estate Builder is a great example of how to tap the data floating around your business and elevate it to become a business-critical asset. It only took three months to get the platform running and Preben Roed Skaksen is full of praise for the NTT DATA Business Solutions team. “NTT DATA Business Solutions has been a fantastic partner throughout the process. The dedicated specialists have been equally professional, flexible and service-minded, which ensured a smooth and efficient implementation”, says Preben and concludes: “We have an untapped potential for working with data and I am 100% sure our new platform will help fulfil our ambitions."

"We now base our decisions on data instead of gut feeling. This helps us act smarter and drive our business forward." - Preben Roed Skaksen, Chief Data Officer, Krak

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