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EN HR Solutions implements data-driven recruitment with TimeXtender

EN HR Solutions implements data-driven recruitment with TimeXtender

EN HR Solutions is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner that provides unique services in a whole range of fields, including recruitment, total talent acquisition, employer branding, and vacancy marketing. Its 70+ employees combine recruitment with the innovative world of digital marketing in order to help national and international organisations boost their position in the job market.

The economy has grown significantly in recent years, and although this is a good thing, it does affect the availability of talent. For this reason, positive candidate and business journeys are becoming increasingly vital to organisations and demand is rising for cutting-edge innovations that offer candidates and businesses a rapid and transparent recruitment process.

'TimeXtender and Qlik have really got our systems working for us, making data-driven recruitment a reality.'

Rob de Vormer, Online Manager, EN HR Solutions

Data-driven recruitment

The scarcity in the current job market and the unprecedentedly quick and easy availability of data nowadays have created fertile ground for the development of data-driven recruitment. 'There are scores of systems and automated processes within the recruitment sector,' says Rob de Vormer, head of the team of job market communication specialists at EN HR Solutions. 'Online job advertisements, digital applications, online assessments, and countless other digital tools create vast amounts of data. The ability to use this data effectively and improve the user experience for applicants and clients creates substantial added value. With this thought in mind, we decided to start working on data intelligence in 2018.'

To develop a future-proof data strategy, the team at EN HR Solutions decided to collaborate with MagnaVersum. 'We see MagnaVersum as our data intelligence partner and our data strategy advisor,' says Rob. 'Just like us, they are specialists in their field, and they are highly pragmatic. Due to the complex network of systems and connections, it is vital to have a flexible specialist in charge who can keep things running smoothly at all times.'

MagnaVersum's consultants designed a future-proof data strategy based on two tools: TimeXtender for data management and Qlik for dashboards and reports. 'TimeXtender provides a rock-solid basis for condensing data from a variety of sources using flexible modelling techniques,' says MagnaVersum CEO Soekhram Gokoel. 'This allows you to create a secure, clearly structured and GDPR-proof environment for all of your organisation's data silos. We also selected Qlik as an analysis tool, as in addition to being extremely user-friendly, it allows everybody to quickly and easily create their own reports and dynamic dashboards to gain valuable insight.'

'Implementing TimeXtender was a major step towards achieving data maturity.'

Dennis van Langen, Business Analyst, EN HR Solutions

The road to data maturity

In June 2018, EN HR Solutions business analyst Dennis van Langen began to deploy TimeXtender and Qlik in collaboration with MagnaVersum. 'Implementing TimeXtender was a major step towards achieving data maturity,' explains Dennis. 'We started by defining and modelling the data from our main sources, i.e. our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), our financial administration, and the systems for interim staff and temporary staff. Once we had incorporated this data into TimeXtender, we started to create reports both for clients and for internal purposes.' The entire process – from the construction of solid data foundations to the replacement of all manual reports – took nine months. 'We paid a great deal of attention to data definitions, data quality, and security, e.g. which user profiles are authorised to access which data sets. Thanks to this careful preparation, the implementation of TimeXtender went extremely smoothly,' says Dennis.


TimeXtender as a central repository

With TimeXtender serving as a central repository in which all data within EN HR Solutions was stored, managed and connected, the organisation was able to gain substantial insight into all kinds of matters. 'Previously, we had a range of different data sources which were largely isolated from each other,' says Dennis. 'With TimeXtender, all of our data is now clearly structured and can be accessed quickly, easily and securely. It has also boosted compliance with the GDPR as we can now see where the data is stored and how it is used at the touch of a button.' 'Our clients now have their own portal for reports and analysis concerning the entire recruitment process,' adds Rob. 'Thanks to TimeXtender, we now have the flexibility to offer customised solutions as we are able to quickly connect and document new data sources before preparing them for analysis.'


As TimeXtender enables data from countless different sources to be managed and condensed into near-real-time reports and analysis, EN HR Solutions is now able to make more and more decisions based on data rather than on intuition. 'In order to gain even more insight, we're now going to incorporate our marketing data into the data warehouse to further expand our reports,' says Rob.

'The ability to use this data effectively and improve the user experience for applicants and clients creates substantial added value. This is exactly what TimeXtender and Qlik do for us.'

Rob de Vormer, Online Manager, EN HR Solutions

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About EN HR Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner for recruitment/project recruitment, total talent acquisition, employer branding and vacancy marketing.


Solution Snapshot

  • TimeXtender to connect various data silos within a data warehouse
  • Data from TimeXtender is clearly visualised in Qlik via dashboards and reports



  • Automation of report compilation saves 4 days a month
  • Data quality has been improved, avoiding the 'garbage in, garbage out' principle
  • High-quality data security based on user authorisations
  • Excellent documentation facilitates GDPR compliance
  • Up-to-date insight into the recruitment journey every day (instead of every month)
  • Better insight into billing and fewer billing errors made
  • Better performance of recruitment processes