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Atea Optimized Their Work With A Modern Data Estate Builder

Atea Optimized Their Work With A Modern Data Estate Builder

"I doubted that this solution was really as good as they said it would be. Until now. Reality has proved my doubts wrong." - Michael L. Petersen, Business Intelligence Lead, Atea Danmark

About Atea

  • Industry: Tech
  • Products: IT infrastructure, both hardware and software
  • Employees: 1,500 (2020)
  • Website:


  • Development and changes in the existing data estate were time-consuming
  • Self-service was not supported in the data warehouse
  • Increasing need to optimize and streamline documentation and GDPR compliance
  • Unexploited potential to use data strategically
  • Cost-intensive maintenance and development of existing data set-up


TimeXtender's data estate builder enables Atea Danmark to make better business decisions by extracting data faster and more easily than previous solutions. 


  • Better and faster use of data
  • Developers now have easy access to data with the intuitive drag-and-drop solution, strengthening their self-service
  • Increased productivity with automation of manual tasks - Improved documentation and compliance

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Proven expertise in new data management platforms
  • A trustworthy and experienced partner, challenging the status quo with a business-oriented focus
  • Multinational approach with local presence

3 months - implementation phase


Meeting Changing Demands with Data

Today, Michael L. Petersen and his Business Intelligence team at Atea Danmark are able to offer what their colleagues crave: updated data delivered at high speed enabling better and faster business decisions. However, this has not always been the case.

“Before launching TimeXtender in the summer of 2019, we operated with a traditional data estate. It offered a good and stable environment, but it lacked in one area: speed in regards to development, explains Michael L. Petersen, Business Intelligence Lead at Atea Danmark, who goes on to elaborate on the business-critical area: “The demand for working with data is increasing exponentially and our traditional setup did not support this rapid development. Often it took us up to three months to deliver the data needed, so I asked myself: how can we optimize our go-to-market?”  TimeXtender's data estate builder proved to be his answer.


Speed up Your Work

TimeXtender's data estate builder allows you to connect to various data silos and then catalog, model, move and report on the full data life cycle. Built on automation, the solution makes setting up for data extraction up to 10 times faster than was previously possible, giving Michael the speed, agility, and flexibility, he needs.

“I’m always looking for ways to optimize our way of doing things and with the new data platform, we months - implementation phase 3 can now offer data at a higher speed than ever. This is great news since it allows us to make better business decisions based on updated data,” he says.


Dare to Do it

Choosing to implement a new solution is a big decision. This was also the case for Michael, who took 12 months to push the green button.

“Like everyone else, I’ve experienced new solutions that did not live up to the sales pitch. Fortunately, NTT DATA Business Solutions were very open about the strengths and weaknesses of the solution, which meant a lot to me. But in all honesty, I still asked myself: can it really be this good?” admits Michael before he continues: “I got in contact with a company already using TimeXtender and they vouched for it. This helped me a lot. After that, I needed to convince my colleagues that this was a good decision. Change management plays a big, and often underestimated, part of a successful transition.”


Break it Down

Atea Danmark’s experience with their new Data Estate Builder is a great example of how to work with data as a business-critical asset, not to mention the decision-making that leads up to the implementation and results.

Michael L. Petersen is full of praise for the NTT DATA Business Solutions’ team who were, “good at challenging my opinions”, and is eager to offer a piece of advice to professionals in a similar situation to his own. “Stop thinking about the complex things you could do and start thinking of the simplest steps to take. This will help you break down processes and get things done,” he says. “Over time, you will then be able to refine your solutions and working procedures.”

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