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Throwback to TimeXtender's World Mental Health Program Initiatives

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As many of you may know, October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and in an effort to further emphasize the importance of mental health awarenessTimeXtender spent the month of October focusing on mental health.

Here is what Anne, Co-Founder and Chief of DNA & Culture at TimeXtender, had to say about this program.


A couple of years ago, our purpose journey took a new turn.

With the Vision of Impacting the World with Data, Mind, and Heart, we chose to put our focus and efforts on 4 Sustainable Impact Goals (SIG);

  • Sustainable cities and communities.
  • Sustainable climate for our Planet.
  • Sustainable Health & Well-being.
  • Sustainable, high-quality education.

Throughout October, we planned a mix of fun, adventurous, and inspirational glocal (global + local) online activities, events, and learning sessions with renowned speakers to provide us with high-quality education and inspiration.

 These sessions aimed to educate us on the topic of Mental Health, build more awareness and mental resilience, and ultimately, prepare us for today's challenges and the future of work.

 I hope you and your colleagues will revisit these sessions whenever you need them.

With Data, Mind and Heart.

Because time and YOU matter.

- Anne


As part of this program, TimeXtender partnered with experts in the fields of mental health and well-being to bring our partners, customers, collaborators and the general public a month full of opportunities to learn, grow, recharge, and connect.

You can watch the videos on-demand and we certainly hope the content is as meaningful to you as it was putting the program together!



A few definitions of recharge: To restore an electric charge, to restore a charge creating a high energy density, to make a new attack, and to replenish energy or spirit.

We recharge so many things every day, our cell phones, computers, and even our cars! But it's easy to forget that we as people also need to take the time to recharge ourselves. Take time each day to be grateful, rest, and give ourselves love.

Our goal with recharge is to give you an hour where you can put your mental and physical health first. We start with a few mins to scan your body and some deep breaths to help you be present in the moment for yourself, then incorporate yoga movements for stretching and strength and end with a guided meditation. 

Below you can find 4 Recharge Sessions that work as a whole!


HubSpot Video


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HubSpot Video



Lotte is a certified yoga and facial yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2006, but started practicing yoga many years before that. Lotte is trained in Hathayoga, and has since supplemented with several certified educations and courses. Among other things: Facial yoga, anti-stress yoga, yin and anusara yoga and children's yoga. In addition, Lotte is a trained narrative conversation practitioner at Dispuk.

"I see it all as a continuous circle, and in the middle it says : Fall in love with taking care of yourself!"


HubSpot Video



Chris is a Washington state native and has lived in Seattle for the past 5 years. He currently works for Amazon as well as coaching Crossfit and Yoga classes. He has been interested in and practicing yoga on and off for the past 10 years and chose to become a certified teacher and began learning about the benefits of breathwork.

"I'm passionate about mental health and bringing awareness to and creating opportunities for people (more specifically men) to talk about, learn and improve their mental health."




In this session, Chris Manning spoke about mastering habits to build resilience and strength to cope in our busy tech workplace, key talking points were:

- Master habits which allow focus and productivity.
- Learn about the four steps to accept, let go and move on. 
- Learn more about our brain's blindspots, and become aware of how we can identify and easily overcome them. 

HubSpot Video



Chris Manning is the creator behind some of Denmark's most used coaching models. Growing up in New York, he was involved in coaching from a very early stage when he was hired as Tony Robbins' first coaching instructor, where he taught the original coaching training that Tony Robbins has become world famous for since.

Before that he worked as a business consultant with Accenture. He came to Denmark in 2003 where he founded Denmark's first coaching institute, where he has certified more then 3.700 people. Today he is the founder of Chris Manning Coaching Academy where he specializes in individual coaching, team coaching, and as a motivational speaker.

Read more about Chris Manning on LinkedIn here



Sandy discusses the powerful effect of small pauses from devices and social media for mental wellness.

The data shows how our constantly connected lives cause high stress--these moments of pause with mindful and strategic breaths are life-changing.

Tech is only getting more and more integrated into daily life. Sandy will share some basic science, breath tools, and philosophies/stories about how BREATH has been a superpower for her mental health & wellness. 


Sandy Abrams is a longtime entrepreneur, and 2x author focused on Workplace Wellness, sharing 30+ years of experience utilizing the power of breath & mindfulness in business and life. Her new book, Breathe to Succeed (2019), is endorsed by execs at Google and the US Air Force.

Sandy has shared Breathwork experiences with several Google offices, McKinsey & Co., Facebook HQ, Pepsi, YPO, Women Presidents Org., and more, and was a TEDx speaker in 2022. Sandy's business sensibility about "breath as meditation at the speed of life" resonates with the fast pace of modern life. She’s on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for both wellness & deep, mindful breath at a time.



In this session, Stig educated us about the following topics:

  • You cannot plan for everything and you are not able to make everything perfect, we want to give you tools for how to manage when things go wrong.
  • The science of what your brain is doing under stress and how to take control back from the stress.
  • Bio Hacks in becoming a zen warrior.
HubSpot Video



Danish Stig Åvall Severinsen, MSc Biology & PhD Medicine, is 4x freediving world champion, best-selling author and multiple Guinness World Record Holder - including the longest free dive under ice and the first person in the world to hold their breath for longer than 20 minutes.

In 2010, Stig founded Breatheology, the online platform teaching optimal health and performance through better breathing, breath holding and mental training. No longer focusing on breaking records, Stig is now fully focused on teaching the world to breathe better, one breath at a time.

"After teaching thousands of students around the world – from Olympic Athletes, stressed business people, Navy SEALs to people with PTSD, Lyme Disease, Post-Polio to kids and completely “normal” people – I understand how to get people to become successful and make true transformational changes in their lives."

Learn More About Stig Severinsen →

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