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Empowering Quality Decisions Through Mindfulness

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Did you ever dream of finding a treasure map where ‘x’ marked the spot? Knowing where treasure lies is  valuable data indeed and one we cultivate when we practice mindfulness in business. 

But knowing where the business “X” is, like increased profit or sustainable growth, does us little good if we don’t know where WE are in relationship to it.  

To get somewhere, we have to know our starting point.  

THAT is the treasure mindfulness offers us. Practicing awareness of where we are in this present moment…how we are feeling physically, what our emotional landscape is, the thoughts filling our mind, lets us asses our resources so we can make the best decision in that moment. Our internal “X” as it were.  

Working with people who know what their “X” is gives businesses insightful, honest, and quality information that allows them to pull together plans that are realistic reflections of assets and the likelihood of successful implementation.  

It is important to be clear on where your business is heading so you have a target to aim for. Understanding where you are personally allows you to make course adjustments to keep on track with your values and the larger goals of your team. 

This is where mindfulness comes into play, providing us with the “X” marks the spot insight we need to grow as individuals and in our business.  

Uncover your X

Here are a few tips to uncover your ‘x’ at any point in time: 

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes at your desk for a minute, letting yourself become aware of any thoughts racing through your mind. Try to notice them as they come up without asking ‘why’ or if they are valid. These will give you a sense of what is taking up your mental space. 
  • During your commute to or from work, take a moment at a stop light or in traffic to notice any emotions you are currently experiencing and name them. Say something like, “I am feeling frustration right now because I want to get outside instead of sitting in my car.” 
  • While walking from point A to point B during your day, scan your body to notice any physical sensations that you can observe. Perhaps there is ease in your stride or tightness in your head. Whatever you notice, see if you can treat it as data that points to your internal ‘x’ right now.  

If we know that we are experiencing anxiety over a pain in our body and wondering if we will be able to travel to an important conference, we can take extra care of ourselves, perhaps by going to the doctor or getting more rest so we can show up as our best selves. 

Quality decisions with data, mind and heart

Prioritizing mindfulness in our work culture gives us instant access to our personal data so we can make quality decisions with data, mind, and heart, because Time matters.  

At TimeXtender, finding the “X” means we get to tap into the treasure of ourselves and produce measurable successes for our business.  

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