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Juan Jose Keena | Brand Strategist

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How I got hired at TimeXtender

Hello dear reader, Today I would like to share a story with you. The story of how I became part of the TimeXtender team. By now I have been an Xpeople (TimeXtender employee) for almost a year and I can tell you that it's been a wild ride, but...

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Data Warehouse vs Database: Everything You Need to Know

The data warehouse vs database debate has been going on for many years. Which is better? What are the benefits of each? Is there a correct answer...

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Everything You Need to Know About Building a Modern Data Warehouse

Learn How to Build a Modern Data Warehouse on Microsoft Azure Up to 10X Faster Than Standard Methods 

For most, if not all organizations, data is...

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TimeXtender Partner Interview: Visma

In partners we trust.

Recently, Visma was awarded TimeXtender Partner of the Year 2020. Considering their expertise in the fields of BI & Data...

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TimeXtender 2020 Partner Awards

At TimeXtender we provide the solutions for clients to simplify, automate and execute their data frameworks.

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12 Data Management predictions for 2021

Happy new year everyone!

In this article we cover some of the most exciting trends around Data and Data Management for 2021.

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