Discovery Hub® leverages the power of automation

Every minute


42% of business leaders need to make

data-driven decisions within one day.

With Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender,

you can get to clarity sooner, make

better decisions faster, and spend time

more wisely.

Let’s face it. Time is money.

Time to data matters. At TimeXtender, we believe business leaders should never lose time waiting for access to trustworthy data, and talented IT professionals should never waste time on tedious redundant tasks that can readily be automated. That’s why we’ve developed Discovery Hub®.

Discovery Hub® leverages the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model, and govern data. Unlike other approaches which require a mix of tools and vendors for things like scripting, data prep and data blending, Discovery Hub® is an integrated agile platform that saves both time and money.

Get faster time to value with fewer resources …because time matters

With Discovery Hub® you can:


the data you need
when you need it


to changes quickly
and efficiently


governance, security
and control


your backlog of
IT requests