Discovery Hub®: a governed environment with real-time documentation

Let’s face it..

Time is money

42% of business leaders need to make data-driven decisions within one day. With Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender, you can get to clarity sooner, make better decisions faster, and spend time more wisely.

Time to data matters. At TimeXtender, we believe business leaders should never lose time waiting for access to trustworthy data, and talented IT professionals should never waste time on tedious redundant tasks that can readily be automated. That’s why we’ve developed Discovery Hub®.

Discovery Hub® leverages the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model, and govern data. Unlike other approaches which require a mix of tools and vendors for things like scripting, data prep and data blending, Discovery Hub® is an integrated agile platform that saves both time and money.

Significant Savings

Implementation times average two to six months and our subscription
model makes it easy to get started, letting you quickly
see your Return on Investment (ROI).


No direct access to any data source. This means huge savings on maintaining and documenting access rights and helps to avoid compliance breaches that come with the possibility of fines


Access data without adding to IT backlog. Quickly reveal new business opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed


Eliminate costly maintenance fees with access to historical data in legacy systems. This can be kept in Discovery Hub®, allowing reference to records such as lifetime warranties


Avoid tailoring data access and analytic output to every individual in the organization


Automation saves time and frees resources for more strategic demands


Improve the technical process and data quality and shift the focus from the technical aspects of the content to the quality of the data


Many customers experience as much as 70% reduction in set-up time and up to 80% reduction in maintenance times.

“We significantly reduced data quality issues due to a single version of the truth in Discovery Hub®. Now we get the same figures, no matter if we use Excel, TM1 or QlikView as the front-end BI tool.

There are many other benefits but they nearly always come back to speed. Speed of development, ease of implementation and the ability to pull the data through faster.”


BI Team Leader & Stream Lead

Let automation do the heavy lifting

Rest assured that whatever the issue, Discovery Hub® can deliver.
Using Discovery Hub®, scripts always run in the correct order, while the machine
learning optimizes the way that all scripts are 




But Discovery Hub® is not just a black box. Because it is built on top of a Microsoft SQL server, developers also have the freedom to add their own custom script as and when needed. 

The automation of more routine elements saves you time so you can create quality customizations, improve data quality and focus more attention to data modeling.

Developers can be confident that Discovery Hub® will always support the latest version of SQL Server or Azure server within three months of a new Microsoft release.

Compliance per Design

Discovery Hub® helps organizations build a governed environment while maintaining agility.
With it, you always have real-time, up-to-date documentation.
This means you can prove:

What data you hold

Where you hold your data

What your data is used for

Who has access to your data