TimeXtender’s Leadership

We believe in cross-organizational teamwork, trust and flexibility – not in middle managers.

So we choose to aim for a flat and super agile organization where cross-organizational teamwork, trust and end-to-end accountability are key principles! To support that intent we have organized ourselves into “Purpose Circles.” TimeXtender’s leadership is dedicated to empowering and coaching these self-managed teams to achieve more.

Heine Krog Iversen

CEO and Founder

Heine Krog Iversen is the CEO of TimeXtender. Since founding the company in 2006, Heine has been the chief executive responsible for transforming TimeXtender from a small startup to one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world. Heine is driven by one core purpose: to empower every person in every organization on the planet with instant access to data, for any use case they might have, thus enabling them to achieve more and make quality decisions with data, mind and heart.

Heine has guided TimeXtender to 3,000 customers across 94 countries. He oversees strategic planning, global outreach, positioning and differentiation, and organizational growth. He works tirelessly to manage TimeXtender’s growth and building the management systems needed to support a rapidly growing organization such as regional offices, new staff, sales channels, and alliances and partnerships.
He has also played an instrumental role as an industry thought leader in helping to educate the market about becoming a data-driven organization, ending the battle between business and IT, and offering the next generation data platform for the future of BI and analytics. Heine has published many articles, is an official member of Forbes Technology Council and has spoken myriad times at conferences, seminars, groups, panels, webinars, and various other speaking engagements.

Heine holds a BA in Economics from University of Southern Denmark.

When Heine is not spending his time and energy on bringing TimeXtender fast forward he enjoys another form for speed as he spends time on the racetrack cheering for Mikkel O. Pedersen racing for success in Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.

Anne Krog Iversen


Anne Krog Iversen is the Chief People, DNA & Culture Officer and co-founder of TimeXtender.  She has been an important part of the company since its inception in 2006.

Anne is a true visionary and daring leader. She works tirelessly in taking People, Culture & DNA to new heights always raising the bar for new and innovative ways of making people thrive and grow. She works every day on building resilience and a strong purpose-driven culture where people thrive and grow. Over the years, she has played an instrumental role in growing TimeXtender worldwide and helping to attract more than 3000 customers throughout various regions.

Anne holds a degree in business management, languages and HR from Aalborg University and the University of Southern Denmark. She holds certifications as a mindfulness practitioner and as a business and life coach.

When Anne is not evangelizing TX culture & DNA she loves to hang out with family and friends, having fun, engage in deep conversations and practice mindfulness. Also, she enjoys the company of Heine and Mikkel at the racetrack.

Klaus Vang

Head of Global Finance

Klaus is our Global Head of Finance & Operations ninja with numbers. He works tirelessly to ensure concise, efficient, and timely financial reporting which is vital for our company’s fast-paced structure. Klaus is passionate about creating robust and dynamic financial modeling and regularly combines his personal skills with his professional proficiencies to produce superior work.

Klaus holds a Master of Science degree in Management Accounting and Control from Aarhus University and has shared his expertise on such topics lecturing on Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Methodology.

When Klaus is not doing financial magic at TimeXtender, he is a dedicated sportsman. As a highly competitive, he always races for the one & only spot on the podium no. 1 (exactly like we all do in Timextender every day in the world of data). Besides sports, Klaus is enjoying time with his dear ones.

Line Sakstrup

Head of Xpeople Growth & Purpose

Line is a deeply purpose-driven evangelizer and change-maker. She works as Chief of Staff & Purpose coaching, supporting and challenging the organization to drive strong business results and always execute on core purpose strategy. She is a firm believer in people, profit & planet and is working to create strong business results through a strong purpose-driven Culture & DNA. She is focused on organizational effectiveness, making time, communication, and decision-making processes more smoothly throughout the organization. She is an advisor to CEO and coaches and supports her fellow X-people.

Line holds a master’s in Information Science, Communication & Leadership from Aarhus University and CBS and has been trained within the fields of strategic advisor, change management, leadership development, business coaching, facilitating and board work.

When Line is not living her purpose with TimeXtender, she enjoys all kinds of sports, the faster the better. Also, she is crazy about jumping in the cold waters of the lake during winter, having fun and engaging in meaningful conversations with family and friends.

Jan Bollingtoft

Head of Product

Jan Bøllingtoft is Head of Product in TimeXtender and while we all are in love with the uniqueness of our product, Jan is more than dedicated to working with TimeXtender stakeholders to set the direction for TimeXtender by building the product roadmap with a keen eye on the technology landscape offered and direction of the business requirements.

To navigate this role and constantly setting new standards for our product, Jan draws on past experience working as a consultant in areas such as ERP systems, self-service portals in education and commerce, BI reporting in financials, commercial, and health care. He has taught in the private and public sectors on the subject of data warehouse development, performance management, and e-Commerce.
Jan holds a Master, Management Science from Aarhus School of Business.

When Jan is not evangelizing the TX journey, he enjoys mastering every detail in brewing the perfect cup of coffee, is an energetic (and tough!) spinning instructor and enjoys good times with the family.

Joseph Treadwell

Head of Solution Specialists

Joseph Treadwell is driving the Global Solutions Specialist Circle. Joseph has been part of TimeXtender team since 2015 and has been leading TimeXtender efforts to evangelize, implement and execute hundreds of projects around data warehouse automation, building modern data estates. He has a passion for education and empowering our partners and customers to do more with our solutions. 

Joseph is recognized among our partner community as the face behind our successful program TimeXtender Tuesdays, where, following his passion for education, he developed a series of webinars that are short, to the point and filled with incredible best practices that are easy to digest and implement by our partners. 

Joseph is based in Portland, Oregon, he is a family-oriented individual with a witty sense of humour and loves learning new technologies.

Hans van der Meij

Head of Alliances Growth

Hans van Der Meij is driving the EMEA Region as Director, Partner Alliances. He brings in solid expertise, knowledge and positive energy to grow our partner ecosystem, while communicating the value of our platform. Hans is an inspiring and motivating leader always pushing his team forward, raising the bar and creating results. When you have made acquaintance with Hans, you will learn that he is absolutely passionate about his work with our partners and their customers, always looking to reach mutually established goals and find the win-win-win solution for every endeavor. Hans is educated within the field of sales, business and IT.

When Hans is not giving it as “Mr. TimeXtender” he is enjoying life in Amsterdam – cheering his favorite soccer team AFC AJAX and is always a happy camper after a weekend with a big win. Besides that, Hans loves driving his Tesla and enjoys time with family and friends.

Greg Horton

Head of Global Marketing

Greg Horton is our unique marketing expert holding the position of Head of Global Marketing at TimeXtender. As the Head of Global Marketing, Greg leads all TimeXtender marketing activities globally except corporate branding. He is a true marketeer-Ninja with broad marketing expertise, including product marketing, content marketing (including social media), marketing programs (campaigns), press and analyst relations, partner enablement, and partner and field marketing. Greg is a warm and inspiring leader always motivating his team to create more and achieve more in a high-quality manner.

Greg holds a BS in Computer Science/Mathematics from Pepperdine University, but it has been many years since he has written code professionally, having made the shift into marketing over 20 years ago. 

When Greg is not at work marketing TimeXtender, he enjoys time and a good laugh with family and friends. Greg lives the TimeXtender vision of “Work From Anywhere” as he recently moved to Colorado where he is enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Fredrik Ehno

Head of Alliances Recruit

Fredrik is a customer focused professional with several years of experience in various positions in the industry IT. Frederik has a strong track record as a board member, Partner Alliance Director and Director Key Account Team. Fredrik has a passion for customer success by adding value and delivering meaningful insights.

Fredrik is passionate about building bridges between customers, partners and teams to turn ideas into real results – making a difference is what drives Fredrik every day. Fredrik’s drive is to lead and develop people to achieve the best results for clients and businesses together.

When not at work, he enjoys skiing in the Stockholm area and traveling the world. It is also said that Fredrik “knows everyone in the data space”.

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