Automatically combine Discovery Hub® with Qlik, PowerBI or Tableau!

Discovery Hub® & PowerBI, Tableau or Qlik:

Get stunning visualizations based on reliable, trustworthy data.


Is gaining access to information from all data sources a struggle?


Are business users questioning the trustworthiness of reports and analyses?


Is it strenuous to include data from legacy systems in the analyses?


Is it cumbersome to access large data sets?


Discovery Hub® addresses these challenges and more with an integrated platform that leverages the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model and govern data.

By combining this agile platform with your choice of visualization tools, you have the full power of business intelligence in a structured, governed and secure environment – all within a self-service analytics framework that helps meet compliance needs. Other approaches rely on various tools and vendors for scripting, data prep and data blending.

Discovery Hub® is fully integrated so you get faster time to value with fewer resources.

Data confidence

Improve decision making with data that users have confidence in.

Single source of truth

Combine all your data sources in one place that is easy to work with and optimized for presentation in PowerBI, Tablau and Qlik.

Release the power of legacy data

Overcome the challenge of combining legacy data with new data. Data hidden in old systems can be of immense value to the business.

Explore large data sets

Explore large data sets without having to worry about performance.

Ready for change

Retain the freedom to select any visualization and reporting tool. The tech world moves fast, so this integration package allows you to be prepared for changes.

“The diffusion of conflicting reports creates a Tower of Babel where everyone talks, but no one communicates.”

“The irony of self-service analytics is that it requires standardization.”

Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics –
Balancing Agility and Governance
By Wayne Eckerson with Barry Devlin

Our software automatically combines PowerBI, Tableau

and Qlik with Discovery Hub®

Design Models, no coding required

Design governed business models without writing a single line of code. Drag-and-drop the tables, and let Discovery Hub® create the script for you.

With the shared semantic layer, governed data models are defined once and automatically used to deliver data in the right form and context to PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik — no need to choose. Get the same figures regardless of the visualization tool you use.