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21090_innofactor_r_cmykAgreement Allows Innofactor to Resell TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®

AARHUS, Denmark – December 2016 – TimeXtender, the company that’s democratizing access to corporate data with Discovery Hub®, today announced a reseller partnership with Innofactor. This agreement allows Innofactor to offer the Discovery Hub™ solution to their clients within the Nordic Region.

This agreement provides the marketplace with a revolutionary new approach to data discovery. Discovery Hub® from brings together the best of both worlds: governance and self-service. It enables business leaders to rapidly access and interpret data they know they can trust. And it frees IT from tedious and redundant tasks that can readily be automated.

Discovery Hub® leverages the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model and govern data. Unlike other approaches, which rely on a mix of tools and vendors for scripting, data prep, and data blending, Discovery Hub® is fully integrated, delivering faster time to value with fewer resources.

“Innofactor knows how to use the Discovery Hub® to make their customers more competitive and nimbler in the marketplace. By partnering with TimeXtender, Innofactor helps their customers respond to new data much faster. Innofactor knows how to give their customers a competitive advantage,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender.

“Innofactor has extensive knowledge and experience about data warehousing and business intelligence. We guide customers through the complex task of system integration to help them make more informed decisions using data, said Benny Lohse, Sales Director, Innofactor A/S. “Part of what we offer is helping companies reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and maximize return on investment, and this alliance with TimeXtender helps to achieve all three objectives.”

For sales or partnership information regarding this announcement, contact Mads Eriksen TimeXtender Partner Alliance Manager, at me@timextender.com.

About TimeXtender

TimeXtender, one of the world’s fastest growing software companies, is democratizing access to corporate data with Discovery Hub™, an integrated approach to the IT architecture behind business intelligence. The company, founded in 2006, is privately owned and has headquarters in Denmark and the U.S., with more than 2,600 customers across six continents. TimeXtender is also the world’s leading Data Warehouse Automation solution provider for the Microsoft® SQL Server®. The company sells its products through a global network of channel partners. Visit TimeXtender.com for more information.

About Innofactor

Innofactor is a leading Nordic provider of cloud solutions and digital transformation with Microsoft Ecosystem’s leading expertise and the most comprehensive offering in the Nordics. Innofactor offers their customers business-critical solutions, project deliveries, and maintenance services, and develop their own software products and services. Innofactor’s own product development is focused on Microsoft-based cloud solutions.

Innofactor aims at long-term customer relationships. They serve over 1,500 customers from commercial, public sector and membership-based organizations in the Nordic countries. Innofactor’s task is to help their customers digitize their business, to promote a collaborative way of working, and to develop business processes by utilizing intelligent cloud services. They have over 600 eager and motivated top professionals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.