Optivasys - TimeXtender


Optivasys is helping companies giving all their employees the right data for decision support allowing them to make better decisions and keeping focusing on the right things.

We’re using modern BI tools to gather crucial information and make stunning visuals to make these data easy to access and understand.

We’ve created solutions to more than 100 customers within the last 10 years, where our knowledge, ways of doing business and creativity has made us one of the most expansive and successful companies within our field. This success is possible thanks to our dedicated and knowledge-seeking employees.

We follow our customers geographically and in their transformation of their businesses which establishes a good understanding for each company we help reaching their ambitions and visions. Do you have a clear vision and how many employees actually knows about it? Setting up a measurable goal is easy – the difficult part is how to reach it.

If you would like to hear how we have helped other companies reaching their goals, please feel free to contact us – we would like to help you in becoming successful using Business Intelligence.

To reach us, email to the contact listed below or call:
Stockholm: 08-580 80 920

Göteborg: 031-303 10 80

Malmö: 046-460 20 30