Tobias Eld, SVP, Customer Service and Success, TimeXtender

Tobias Eld


Tobias Eld is the Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Success. Tobias oversees the delivery of the data warehouse solutions for customers all over the world. He manages all efforts to assist partners and clients, and helps customers achieve a well-structured data warehouse, impactful analytics and accurate reporting. He began with TimeXtender in 2008.

Prior to TimeXtender, Tobias worked as a SharePoint consultant. In this role, he helped the company’s clients implement SharePoint servers and solutions, and developed custom solutions for Intranet portals. At Kennedy Computer, he started an IT practice which implemented hardware and software solutions and managed database administration, systems administration and ERP organizational tasks. 

Tobias studied computer science at Nordjyllands Erhvervsakademi, an Academy of Professional Higher Education with an Institute in Applied Management in Denmark.