E-mergo Implements Revolutionary Discovery Hub® Data Warehouse Solution at major Dutch Construction Company – TimeXtender

Delft, September 2017 – E-mergo, Business Intelligence specialist and Discovery Hub® supplier, has implemented an innovative data warehouse solution at VolkerWessels Bouw en Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (BVGO). After E-mergo demonstrated the value of Discovery Hub® through a proof of concept (POC), the decision was taken to implement the software solution and it was operational within just a few days.

TimeXtender Discovery Hub®
Previously, VolkerWessels BVGO had been using ETL processes developed in-house to load information from Microsoft NAV (Navision 4PS Construct) into its data warehouse. This involved both long development times and long resolution times if faults occurred. Ensuring the quality of the data was also complicated by the fact that everything was programmed in the ETL. In addition, linking new sources and new NAV versions to the data warehouse was a time-consuming process.

These were all reasons to look for a new data warehouse solution; a search that ended successfully when E-mergo presented the innovative Discovery Hub® data warehouse solution from TimeXtender.

Proof of Concept with Discovery Hub®
After introducing Discovery Hub®, E-mergo proposed a proof of concept (POC) to enable E-mergo to demonstrate the value of Discovery Hub® in a business environment, with BVGO’s own data. Using Discovery Hub® to unlock BVGO’s multiple Microsoft NAV 4PS Construct versions was a great success, as the innovative data warehousing software completed the task in just a few days.

Being able to handle the various NAV versions using TimeXtender’s powerful NAV adapter has saved a lot of time. Modeling instead of programming gives a better overview of what is happening during the processing, and changes that result from implementing an additional version of NAV are now automatically synchronized.

Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender writes automated scripts to load all the data into the data warehouse. Ingeniously, the execution of the script is continuously optimized using machine learning. Moving from manual to an automatic documentation of all processes improves the quality of the documentation and saves a significant amount of time. This documentation provides useful insights into how the data is created in the data warehouse. Any adjustments that are made can be traced back to the data source (data lineage), helping to improve the quality of the data warehouse.

‘Future Proof Solution’
Now that implementation is complete, BVGO can continue to work in various NAV versions without any problems. Thanks to the fully automated process, Discovery Hub® will deliver significant time and cost savings; both now and in the future. Traditional data warehouses are not automated and require manual maintenance using SSIS scripts. This process is expensive, time-consuming and prone to errors, especially for larger companies with lots of data sources. Choosing Discovery Hub® not only delivers significant time savings, both now and in the future, through the automation of manual and repetitive processes, but also improves the quality of the data warehouse.

About E-mergo
E-mergo is the leading Business Intelligence specialist. Our motto is “Combine, analyze and improve”, and we will help you to get the most out of your organization when it comes to providing information. Our products and services are focused on transforming your information requirements into specific solutions. We do this by using Qlik® and TimeXtender to create and manage self-service data discovery environments. E-mergo is a knowledge-intensive company. We place a premium on having qualified colleagues and on tracking trends in the market. Our existing customers value us because of the knowledge we offer and the way in which we apply it.

About TimeXtender
TimeXtender has offices in Denmark and the US. The company has more than 2,600 customers worldwide who use their Discovery Hub® data warehouse automation platform, making it the world’s leading data warehouse automation solution for Microsoft® SQL Server®. TimeXtender has been a Qlik Technology Partner since March 2016. The company democratizes access to corporate data, empowering business users and freeing IT up to handle other tasks. Using Discovery Hub®, TimeXtender’s software helps companies from any vertical industry to quickly set up a data warehouse and to automate it on a Microsoft® SQL Server®. The software can be used with Visual Studio and all other products associated with Microsoft® SQL Server®.

About VolkerWessels Bouw en Vastgoed Ontwikkeling
VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (BVGO) is active in housing and nonresidential construction, industrial construction and real estate development. It is also involved in supply, consulting and installation technology. One of the strengths of BVGO is how it combines a regional focus on the financial stability of the group. VolkerWessels (BVGO) is a group of (around 40) medium-sized companies that work closely together.