Automation - achieve a truly agile and flexible system

Discovery Hub®
– The power
of automation

Metadata driven

Let’s face it. Traditional project workflows simply can’t keep up with the volume, variety, and velocity of new data sources. That’s why it’s critical for companies to have a metadata driven approach to their BI architecture. In fact, it is essential for business agility.

So what is a metadata driven approach? To understand that, you must first understand what metadata is. Simply put, metadata is data that describes other data. It summarizes basic information that makes finding and working with data faster and easier. Things like: database system names, table and column names, file size, date and time of the last load, dependencies, data owners, data stewards, and so on. It is the kind of information that forms the foundation of TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®.

In order to democratize access to data at scale while not burdening IT, it is critical to work at the metadata level. To do this effectively, automation is key. It is the only way to achieve a truly agile and flexible system. From reducing risk to slashing development time and freeing up talent to work on generating business value, automation offers a broad range of possibilities.

By combining the power of automation with a metadata driven approach, you get results that are five times faster than traditional methods, including a 70% reduction in build costs and a 60%-80% reduction in maintenance costs. Short iterations ensure that your analytics platform is constantly aligned with the needs of your business. With the power of automation, you can respond to changes quickly and efficiently, make updates easily, and solve problems in minutes that once took days or weeks.

But this is not a one size fits all approach. It is readily customizable. Discovery Hub® sits on top of the SQL server stack with full visibility. It is not a black box tool. You can add customized SSIS packages, views, user defined functions, scripts, and stored procedures to meet your unique requirements and still see the code output from Discovery Hub®.

You can even take full control of the code output and modify it if needed. By anchoring your code inside Discovery Hub®, you get version control without having to move and deploy your code from one environment to the next; Discovery Hub® will do that for you automatically.

You can also free IT resources from reporting and analytics tasks by enabling self-service tools.

You can minimize time spent turning complex data into valuable information without coding and with better performance and more possibilities than ever before. Previously tedious and time-consuming tasks like tracking historical data and incremental loading take only a few minutes with this approach.

Working with Discovery Hub® also saves money. Because a robust metadata repository is the foundation of our approach, there is no need to purchase an expensive, stand-alone ,special-purpose metadata repository that makes association with technical and operational metadata difficult. With Discovery Hub®, associations and inconsistencies are easily identified, which provides a great foundation for metadata management, data governance, and data quality. But that’s not all. Discovery Hub® is poised to support your journey toward cloud-based data warehousing. This includes dealing with challenges like hybrid environments, bandwidth optimization, and security.

By combining automation with the metadata driven approach, we eliminate many of the programming and management problems inherent in traditional project work flows. The result is that all parts of the organization can collaborate and make critical decisions faster, because accurate, consistent, and timely data is available to more stakeholders.

Interactive and
user-oriented interface

Discovery Hub® is the only automated tool on the market that is designed from the business user’s perspective. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes it very easy for someone with domain knowledge to learn. With TX Discovery Hub®, you can view the natural data flow and see visual tracing, diagrams, documentation etc. without having to deal with dozens of open windows, sub menus, hidden features, scripts, etc. The unique user interface provides simplicity within a complex environment, striking just the right balance in being both feature-rich and user-friendly.